Thursday, November 03, 2005

Background on the terror suspects

From Berlingske Tidende. Those under arrest in Denmark (my translation):

  • A. Male, 20 years old. Lived in the public housing project of Tranemoesgård in Brøndby. Came to Denmark in 1993 with the rest of his family as Bosnian refugees. Got increasingly religious. Was arrested on the Technical School of Copenhagen, where he is under education to become an industrial technician.
  • B. Male, 16 years old. Grew up in Denmark, probably of Palestinian descent. According to several papers, he is the youngest in a group of 11 siblings with religious parents. Has according to several papers received his exam from the moslem Al-Quds grade school.
  • C. Male, 19 years old. Lived in Frederiksberg. Af Middle-Eastern descent. Student, and employed by TDC (Denmarks largest telephone service provider).
  • D. Male, 16 years old. Lived in Outer Nørrebro. Of Middle-Eastern descent. Attends hich school as a freshman. Practiced karate, and was about to attain a black belt.
  • E. Male, in his 20s. Hails supposedly from Uganda, and works as a mechanic. Moslem, living in Greater Copenhagen. Attended the mosque in Islamic Congregation until half a year ago. Married to F, and also has close relations with A, B, C and D.
  • F. Female, in her 20s. Hails supposedly from Georgia. Living in Greater Copenhagen, and married to E. Has close relations with A, B, C and D.
  • G. Male, supposedly 22 years old.

Six of the seven apaprently attended the same mosque in Copenhagen:

Most of the youngsters arrested last week for organising terrorist activities in Denmark, attended the same mosque in Copenhagen's Nørrebro district, daily newspaper Information reported on Wednesday.

The six young people were burdened by a colossal hatred towards society, leaders of the mosque, The Islamic Congregation, told the newspaper.

'They were popular, polite, and good students, but they harboured an enormous anger towards Danish society. Their fury grew stronger and made them introverted,' said Abu Laban, the mosque's imam, of the six 16-20-year-olds.

Laban said he knew two of the young men and their families well. The mother of one of them is associated with the Islamic Congregation, where she volunteers to teach Arabic every weekend.
'The mother said her son had lately become more and more frustrated and angry towards Danish society, which he criticised harshly. Even if he sometimes sounded like he could go to extremes, his mother is certain that he would never had carried any of it out - and mothers can usually tell the difference between their children's words and deeds,' Laban said.

The two arrested in Bosnia are the following:

  • X (initials AKC). Male, 18 years old. Turkish citizen with permanent Danish residence permit. Lived with his family in Avedøre, and became increasingly religious over the last couple years. Came to Sarajevo on October 14th to meet up with Y. Was arrested in the same city on October 19th while in possession of explosives and weapons.
  • Y. Male, 18 years old. Lived in Kungälv near Göteborg in Sweden. Swedish and Montenegrin citizenship. According to several media born in Serbia, but moved to Sweden in 1994. Adherent to wahabbism. Appears according to the Bosnian paper Slobodna Bosna in a video as a future suicide bomber with the British or American embassy in Sarajevo as its target.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do the mosques in Denmark carry the same hate-filled "literature" as in the US? If so, give credit to Saudi Arabia: Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques
They are the main exporter of this type of hate literature.

Thanks so much for taking the time to translate the news into English so people around the world will know that radical Islam is everywhere. BTW--Your post, War in France, War in Denmark was quoted by a Canadian reporter, Denmark Moslem youth riots ignored while Paris is burning

Congratulations on a job well done!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Indigo Red said...

Good work here. You are bringing news unavailable to the rest of the world.

I am linking your blog to mine right now.

1:07 PM  

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