Thursday, November 03, 2005

Danish PM Fogh to take Turkish colleague to school over suppression of free speach

From Jyllands-Posten (my translation):

Fogh to take Turkish colleague to school on freedom of the press

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Liberals) will personally teach Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan about freedom of the press and speech, when his Turkish colleague visits Copenhagen in a couple of weeks in connection with a NATO-summit.

That is what the PM declared wednesday during questioning time in Parliament

By request of the Danish People´s Party, Fogh Rasmussen said, that he will raise the matter of the letter of complaint that 11 moslem ambassadors - amongst them Turkey´s - have written about Jyllands-Postens Muhammed-drawings. At the same time, he refused to intervene in the currently running negotiations for the admission of Turkey into the EU based on the the Turkish ambassador´s co-signature.

I dont think, it was smart of the 11 ambassadors to send that letter, the PM said. The Turkish PM is due to arrive in Copenhagen on 14. Nobember in connection with a meeting of NATO´s parliamentarian assembly 11.-15. November.



Blogger Reliapundit said...

it was especially dumb of turkey; they want to be in the EU and the EU has a free press.

it reveals that they FUNDAMENTALLY don;t get it.

and don;t seserve membership.

membership should have its priveledges.

and the priveledge should NOT go to a nation that's faking it, just going through the motions - as turkey is.

if the EU was really functionins as part ofg the West, it would demand that turkey do more to help the west in WW4.

alsa; even the EU is often a weak-kneed appeasing usesless ally at times.

but they do have free speech.

until shaira sets in, around... er um....2020.

3:02 PM  

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