Friday, November 11, 2005

Picture perfect in Copenhagen elections - or not

The Danish blog En Dansker i Sverige has been so kind to share some pictures of election posters from Copenhagen. Some of them are quite telling, too. All pictures in this post are copyright En dansker i Sverige.

The Socialist People´s Party has had a minor accident with some of its posters - they are the wrong way around. It could be argued their ideology is the same way, of course, so maybe its not an accident after all.

Radical candidate, and openly gay Søren Bondam campaigns under the slogan "Fabulous metropolis, yes please".

Not quite so fabulous was his dustup with Liberal candidate Søren Pind, who also happens to be councilman for technical and building matters. Bondam was mad that Pind had had the lower branches of the bushes in Ørsted Park cut, so the gays couldnt have sex shielded by them. That produced the headline on the right in tabloid Ekstrabladet. It reads "Demands bushes for gays".

Finally, there is a poster for three conservative candidates. Ill get back to the one on the right, Ben Haddou, tomorrow. For today, lets concentrate on the guy on the right - Peter Schlüter.

He is mostly known for being the son of Poul Schlüter, the conservative prime minister from 1982-93. Recentely, he became notorious for a rabid attack on the Danish Peoples Party on his website. Not that the DPP doesnt get trash, like what he threw at them, every day, its just normally from teenaged leftwing radicals, not 42-year-old conservative politicians. To quote from his rantings, which he later removed from his site, once people actually became aware of them (my translations):

- Louise (Frevert - Henrik) from the DPP is a racist, who spreads nazi hate propaganda. She is afraid of darkhaired men with hairy chests.

- Pia (Kjærsgaard - Henrik) from the DPP is a racist, who spreads nazi hate propaganda. She shaves every morning and calls for mass deportation of moslems.

- Mogens (Camre - Henrik) from the DPP is a racist, who spreads ethnic cleansing-propaganda. Mogens looks like a Turk, and has had enough of Danish women. He still tries to gather the guts to take over as the new Fuehrer of the DPP.

- The entire top of the party hierarchy in the DPP are a bunch of no-good racists. The DPP uses the same nazi, hateful, racist methods and rhetorical scare tactics, that Adolf Hitler used against the jews from 1930 to 1945.

The foreign affairs spokesman for the DPP, Søren Espersen, couldnt take it more coolly:

- Peter Schlüter is a giant jackass. He´s just trying to make himself into something special in the run-up to the local elections. But I dont think, he´ll get much of a political carreer out of that. He doesnt measure up to his dad, not even close, says Søren Espersen.

He has no plans to take Peter Schlüter to court for defamation.

- That would be making too big a fuss over him, says Søren Espersen.

To be honest, I dont think I can remember local elections as colourful as the ones we are having this year.



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