Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cyberwar in Denmark

It has been some time since I blogged on the continuing cyber-war on Denmark. Let me make good on that by blogging a piece of an editorial in the Danish paper Ekstra Bladet that appeared 4 days ago (sorry, no link. The one I had now hosts another editorial):

Modern technology has created new fronts, when wars are fought. Thus Ekstra Bladets section kriminalen today reports, that more than 3000 Danish computers have been hacked by moslem fanatics since the Mohamed-crisis broke out.

By far the most computers have been hit solely because they are Danish. The attacks can to a degree be prevented by upgrading the computers┬┤ security systems, but to win over the extremist hackers is hardly possible.

It is a whole other matter with another example of the use of the internet when the message of hate is to be spread.

Today Ekstra Bladet can also reveal, that the terror organisation al-Qaida and the terror leader Abu Zarqawi spread their propaganda via a website.

A website, that is osted on a server in the middle of Copenhagen...

Needless to say, PET (The internal intelligence bureau in Denmark) is looking into the matter.


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