Saturday, March 11, 2006

The de-Swedification of Sweden takes another step

Another story from multiculturalistic Sweden: The Swedish government consisting of social democrats has managed, along with its semi-communist ally Vänsterpartiet to field a law that makes Swedish only the "main" language in Sweden.

While the rightwing opposition gained the support from the social democratic governments other ally, Miljöpartiet, a foulup during voting on the law meant that it passed.

This again means, that the only country in the world that has Swedish as its official language (along with Finnish) is Finland.


Blogger madelaine said...

Obviously, all people in Sweden have a right to and should celebrate their cultural background, including the native Swedes. For this reason, a traditional Swedish holiday should not be wholly transformed into a festival of foreign culture. Something is wrong when native Swedes feel that they must largely set aside their own culture in order to make their national day palatable to immigrants.

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Blogger Unknown said...

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