Saturday, March 11, 2006

Norwegian schools less and less Norwegian

Im currently cleaning my inbox of stories I didnt get around to report back in january and february. So for the next couple postings, you are going to have to do with "news" that isnt quite "new", but that still didnt make it into the international press.

First off this one from, on the school situation in Norway:

The share of studenst with a native tongue other than Norwegian has
increased rapidly in the schools of Oslo. In 32 of the city┬┤s 142 schools,
minority groups are in the majority.

In the space of four years, the share of schools where students with a
native tongue other than Norwegian has doubled.

In Vahl school in eastern Oslo, only four per cent of the students
have Norwegian as their mother tongues, says Dagsavisen.

In western Oslo the piture is the opposite, with students with Norwegian as
their mother tongue making up solid majorities. Only 2.4 per cent have a
different mother tongue.


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