Saturday, March 11, 2006

Swedish police - now also with turbans

From Sweden comes the next step in multiculturalism (admitedly borrowed in England): Swedish police are now free to attire themelves with all sorts of colourful ethnic attire - turbans, scarfs and yarmulkes. An example (though no turban - from


Blogger StoutViking said...

As for the Yarmulke - generally, religious Jewish men need to have some kind of cover on their head. It doesn't have to be a Yarmulke, it can be a baseball cap if they like, but the top of their head must be covered. So if they wear a hat that happens to be a part of a uniform, it counts, and for the "more kosher" there's an option of keeping a Yarmulke under the hat that is part of the uniform. However, unlike the Muslims, Jews do not demand alteration of a state's serviceman's attire for their religious purposes. Can you tell me why?

5:34 PM  
Blogger madelaine said...

The new policy is a way to attract more ethnic minorities to the police force, which has been criticized for not having enough diversity. Previous regulations said religious headgear could not be used as part of an official police uniform.

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11:52 PM  
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