Friday, October 21, 2005

Press freedom in Scandinavia

Reporters Without Borders has released their annual report on freedom of the press in the world. As usual, Scandinavian countries are hogging the no. 1 spot in RWBs ranking:

At the top of the Index once again are northern European countries Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands, where robust press freedom is firmly established.

The only country not in the shared no. 1 place is Sweden-stan. Germany is in 18th place, France in 30th. The US has, based on the imprisonment of NJT reporter Judith Miller, slipped 20 places.



Blogger Thomas Bolding Hansen said...

Oh yea Scandinavian media, except the Swedish ofcourse.

Nice that you made this blog in english!!

3:30 AM  
Blogger tefta said...

Is anything less believable than another uber-leftwing group's lists?

We, the US, fell off the list because we jailed Judith Miller??? She was hardly a political prisoner as is implied.

7:31 AM  
Blogger nouille said...

The U.S. was outranked by Mali and Bosnia Herzogovina?????


1:34 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

@ Thomas:

Except the Swedish media, indeed. Sweden doesnt have a functional democracy, so why should the media be any better :-)

Supposedly the reason Sweden isnt in the no. 1 slot is, that a journalist fell victim of a bomb attack last year. Cant say I have heard about that one, though.

@ tefta and nouille:

I know, RWB isnt exactly my cup of coffee, either, but they are there, and they put out a report. Im just reporting on it.

As to the US´s ranking, I agree - its disgusting. Jailing a reporter DOES mean the press isnt TOTALLY free to do whatever it pleases, though, which is what I get is the requirement to be in RWB´s no. 1 slot.

I cant say for Mali, but Bosnia does have close to no interference in its business by authorities - not the least because of the presence of several thousand US and European troops :-)


1:54 PM  
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