Thursday, October 13, 2005

Short rundown of Danish parties.

Ah, hell. The last post was probably a bit too long, so here comes the quick rundown of how Danish parties stand:

Unity List: Communists, with all that entails.

Socialist People´s Party: Ex-communists mixed with humanist an environmental fundamentalism. IE, reality doesnt matter, ideology does.

Social Democrats: Social Democrats. Democratic socialists with a tinge of sanity. The left wing is beyond salvage, though.

Radicals: The self-proclaimed center party. Fundamentalist humanists that are essentially balancing two groups of voters off against each others: urban intellectuals (the Café Latté bunch) and moslem immigrants. When one of their constituencies finds out about the preferences of the other, the party is in for a world of hurt. Recent soundings about a more classical liberal policy (tax and welfare reform) is taking them in that direction.

Left/Liberals - Denmarks Liberal Party: Social Liberals. They still have an economically liberal wing that is complaining a great deal about the party´s move to the left. An actual liberal party is under formation as an alternative. We will see if it manages to draw strength from disaffected elements in the party.

Conservatives: Socially responsible conservatives. Pro-business, too. For a couple years the only party that has been for reform of the welfare and tax systems. They have a strong urge to be the big party in the middle, though, that is not going to do them any good if they follow it.

Danish People´s Party: Rightwing Social Democrats in all but name. That is also where they have a lot of their voters from. Add in a somewhat more anti-immigration stance, though.

Though they arent represented in parliament (they got 0,3% of the vote the last time around), I should probably mention the Minority Party, too. They are fundamentalist humanists, mixed with a good deal of fundamentalist moslems, too.



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