Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pakistani priorities - when drawings are worse than mass arson

»We strongly condemn this act. I think, that the fear of islam and actions of this kind create a divide between religions, that we make enormous efforts to bridge", says Tasnim Aslam, spokeswoman for the Pakistani foreign office (source: Politiken, my translation). But what is she talking about? Is it

a) Some pictures of a pedofile robber in the Danish paper Jyllands-posten, or is it

b) The recent pogrom against Christians in the city Sangla Hill in Pakistan?

From Asianews.it:

Three churches, a nuns‘ convent, two Catholic schools, the houses of a Protestant pastor and of a parish priest, a girls’ hostel, some Christian homes, were first vandalized and then set on fire by an angry crowd of around 2,000 people in the village of Sangla Hill, Nankana district in Punjab. At least 450 Christian families fled from the village and they have not yet returned for fear of further violence.

Mgr Lawrence John Saldanha, Archbishop of Lahore Archdiocese and Chairman National Commission for Justice and Peace (see photo), told AsiaNews that “the attack seems to have been planned and organized as the attackers were brought to the site in buses and instigated to commit violence and arson. ..

Religious leaders are at least partly responsible for provoking the violence: yesterday, in mosques, they called the faithful to gather outside the Jamia Madni Masjid, the central mosque, where they urged them to act against Christians. In fiery speeches, the leaders provoked the mob to set to fire each and every Christian place of worship.

And what "provoked" this? According to Seattle Post Intelligencer (Dogar is the name of a police official):

The fires came a day after a local Muslim resident accused a Christian of burning a one-room Islamic school along with copies of the Quran. Dogar said the allegations were apparently leveled by people who lost money while gambling with the Christian man on Friday, but police had detained him and were investigating.

But to return to the original question: which of the two things was it, that the Pakistani spokeswoman condemned? Drawings or religious persecutions of Christians?

The latter, unfortunately.



Blogger Mike H. said...

I believe that the former would be correct rather than the latter, although I understand what you're saying.

Perhaps we should burn some mosques, that doesn't seem to bother the muslims, they do it all the time. We could establish a common purpose with Islam.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Daryl Herbert said...

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12:58 PM  
Blogger Daryl Herbert said...

My original post said "Mike H. is correct," but then I read the 2nd paragraph...

Latter means "later" or "last," whereas former means something similar to "earlier."

1:01 PM  

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