Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dhimmi-hood in its purest form

In Denmark, the Mohammed-affair has brought into the open in its purest form what so far only some rightwing pundits dared to say: that large parts of our intellectual elite are sellouts when it comes to standing up to totalitarian ideologies - or religions. While for example the international organisation of authors PEN has come out solidly on the side of free speech during the whole Mohammed affair, the Danish authors have been quite a bit more lukewarm. Some, on the contrary, have asked for self-censorship when it comes to moslems claiming hurt feelings.

And example of this Dhimmi-hood came in its purest form during a televised debate about free speech during the Mohammed-affair, with among other Liberal spokesman Jens Rohde (invited as representative for the government) and author Ib Michael. After it was mentioned, that free speech in Denmark is only limited by two laws, one on blasphemy and one on racism, Ib Michael squeezed out this nugget (video link), directed at Jens Rohde:

If you aim to be consistent in what you say, then you have to remove those laws. Then free speech is unlimited, and we are approaching the totalitary state. I dont assume that is what you are dreaming about

Free speech leads to a totalitarian state. Need I say that he has lost whatever credibility he had before in Denmark?


Blogger Lagwolf said...

Some of the nitwits at the protest(s) in London said quite a similar thing. I think they mean; if everyone has free speech then they will have no choice but overthrow the goverment and have a totalitarian Sharia state.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Pat Patterson said...

It's easy to be brave when there is actually no danger. Unfortunately most of the smart people find when challenged they either capitulate or frantically try to find some of Orwell's "hard men" for protection.

3:14 PM  
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