Thursday, October 20, 2005

Immigrants vastly over-represented in crime statistics

From Jyllandsposten:

Danes with immigrant backgrounds are five times more likely to commit crimes than ethnic Danes, a new report reveals. The justice minister promises to bring down immigrant criminality Having a non-Danish background means you are much more likely to commit a crime, a new report from the Ministry of Justice reveals.

Last year, the police pressed charges against five times as many second-generation immigrants than ethnic Danes, when measured by 1000 people in each population group. First-generation immigrants committed twice as many crimes as Danes did.

The five-fold overrepresentation of 2nd-generation immigrants is to a degree explained by 2nd generation immigrants on the average being younger than the 1st-generation immigrants.

It also has to be mentioned, that the statistisc are on charges, not convictions.



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