Thursday, October 27, 2005

Leftwing radicals march in Copenhagen

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A bit of background: In 1982, leftwing radical youths got a free space in the form of the so-called "Youth House" that was put at their disposal by Copenhagen Municipality. Over the years, the house was raided multiple times, with molotov cocktails, baseball bats and other weaponry being taken away along with soft drugt en masse. By 1999, Copenhagen Municipality had tired of it all, and sold the house into private hands, where it eventually ended up with the fundamentalist christian sect Faderhuset ("The House of the Father").

Problem was, that the radicals didnt really care, stayed in the house, and launched lawsuits to have the sale declared void. The court ruled that the house was legally the property of Faderhuset, but multiple appeals followed, and the case restarted at the end of October. For that reason, the radicals thought they would conduct a demonstration - legal niceties dont count, violence does. A quote from the underground publication Ilde Hørt! ("Unwelcome News!"):

What we can say with certainty is that there will be a media-storm around the lawsuit, and because of that it is improtant to show, that we arent just 25 black-clad, sub-cultural youths, but a broad movement. Not to forget that we have also said fire, flames and broken glas.. .For that reason, we of course think that everybody should turn up in Copenhagen around the time of the case and stay for a couple days... So polish your iron rod, fasten your slingshot, wash your gloves, iron your elephant cap and raise your voice: Fingers off - its our Youth House

The following is how it progressed according to left-leaning paper Politiken (link only in Danish):

At least three persons were arrested for wearing masks (there is a ban on wearing masks during demonstrations - Henrik), when a demonstration in favor of the Youth House on Nørrebro in Copenhagen this evening passed Christiansborg (parliament). ...

The police tried penetrating the demonstration to get a hold on several masked demonstrators, but the youths held together in chains and had reinforced the flanks of the demonstration with ladders to hold off police.

Later on, the demonstration consisting of a couple hundred youths wound their way past Rådhuspladsen (a square at the center of town), with the police keeping a close watch.

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