Saturday, October 29, 2005

More on the ongoing terror-probe in Denmark and Bosnia

As the investigation progresses, more and more people are brought in and interrogated. The original four men/boys (aged 16, 16, 17 and 20) arrested thursday were joined yesterday (friday) by two more. The two - a man and a woman - had actually turned up at the local police station at their own will, and were to be released after questioning.

During the questioning, however, it appeared that their ties to the case were rather stronger than originally suspected, so instead of being turned loose, they were arrested, and charged with conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack.

A wee bit more also emerged about the background of the original four arrestees: As it turns out, the two from the suburb of Brøndby (aged 16 and 20) were related - they were cousins - and they had grown up 300 meters apart in strictly religious Palestinian families. The neigbour to one of the pair has told about how he could always be sure, when he got home at hing, to see the lights on in their apartment, the father reading the Koran.

In Bosnia, the plot thickens also, as it has appeared that the originally mentioned two jihadis arrested there were actually part of a group of five, that had arrived in Bosnia only 3 weeks ago. The Bosnian police is now searching for the 3 men still on the run.

There is as of yet nothing on those three, though the fact that they arrived in a group with moslems from Denmark and Sweden would suggest that they also are from the region.



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