Monday, October 31, 2005

War in France, War in Denmark

Lately, the moslem-led riots now running for four days straight in France have been given a great deal of attention, fex from the BBC:

France's Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has promised to step up security after violence flared for a fourth night in a Paris suburb.

Six policemen were hurt and 11 people arrested in the latest clashes with youths in Clichy-sous-Bois, although it was calmer than on previous nights.

Not that well covered is a very similar series of riots, also running for four days, in Århus, Denmark. Nothing of it has penetrated to the english-language sections of Danish media, so the following is my translation of a piece in daily Jyllands-Posten:

Rosenhøj Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in Århus for years. "This area belongs to us", the youths proclaim. Sunday evening saw a new arson attack.

Their words sound like a clear declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants.

Four youths sit on the wall in Rosenhøj Mall sunday afternoon, calling themselves spokesmen for the groups, that three nights in a row have ravaged and tried to burn down the restaurant and other stores.

Around the parking lot, cars with youngsters from the immigrant community are swarming, and many are walking around, greeting each others with a sense of victory after the worst riots in Århus in years.

Every night 30-40 youts took part, especially immigrants.

Only two were arrested.

That was a victory.

"We knew, you would be coming. We are spokesmen", said a young man with a black knitted hood on his head, when JP (Jyllands-Posten - Henrik) visited Rosenhøj Mall sunday. He was angry. Very angry. Behind him the pub Hot Shot has scars after the attacks with cobble stones, and the stores along the parking lot besides the small mall have their windows covered with adhesive tape in a spiderweb pattern.

Four hours after the short meeting, Falck (Danish privat emergency service - Henrik) sent a group of fire engines under police escort to the nursery Kjærslund on Søndervangs Allé, right across the street from Rosenhøj Mall.

Gasoline through the window

A window had been shattered at the back of the house, and the fire had been blazing, apparently because of gasoline poured onto the floor, then lit.

Falck stopped on Viby Square, a couple kilometers from the site of the arson attack, waiting for the police to turn up so they could be escorted to the nursery. Two nights earlier, other Falck-employees were threatened, when they were covering up broken shop-windows.

Cobblestones had smashed the shop-windows from one end of the mall to the other. The police wrote in their report saturday night, that the youths had their stones with them in bags, when they came to Rosenhøj.

Cobblestones against bakery.

Saturday morning a 16-year-old somali boy was incarcerated, accused of aggravated assault, as he friday evening threw a cobblestone through a window in the bakery. The stone passed closely by baker Børge Svaløs face. ..

He calls himself 100 percent Palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 19 years ago, and now out of work in Denmark.

"The police has to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes down here".

And then the bit with the drawings of the prophet Muhammed comes around:

We are tired of what we see happening with our prophet. We are tired of Jyllands-Posten. I know it isnt you, but we wont accept what Jyllands-Posten has done to the prophet", he says aggressively, and the others nod approvingly.

Planned for three weeks

To of them are Turks, and it is the first time, that Turks and Palestinians act together, the 19-year-old says.

"We have planned this for three weeks. That is why only two were arrested saturday nigh. The police will cordon off it all. But we know the ways out", he claims, and then disappears, munching on a piece of pizza from Fun Pizza.

The pizzerias windows are also held together by adhesive tape after the attacks with cobblestones.

Of course, it isnt of the size the Paris riots have, but then France is 10 times larger than Denmark, population-wise, and has 25 times more moslems.

Its not just Paris.


It has been brought to my attention, that "mall" would be a bad translation in the above article. Please substitute with "shopping centre" when you read the post.



Blogger syvogtredive said...

just testing the system. /s

1:29 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Thanks - it works all right.


3:30 AM  
Blogger fourthwire said...

Denmark is one of the most tolerant nations on the planet, in terms of tolerance toward immigrants.

I ought to know, since I lived there for over a decade.

Those teenaged fools "rioting" in Aarhus, secure and comfortable in Denmark's cradle-to-grave social, educational, and healthcare networks BADLY need a taste of rough living, such as in a refugee camp in the Middle East, or in the mountains of Turkey.

They also have a few suprises left in life if they truly believe that simply because they "claim" a piece of Danish land that no police are allowed near "their" land.

These young ingrates are living FAR better than they ever could hope to do in their own native lands....... and if rioting is their way of showing gratitude to the Danish people, then they are simply ignorant barbarians.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cordon the place off, evacuate non- Moslems, and slaughter the rest like livestock.

8:02 PM  
Blogger zeppenwolf said...

CP: Cordon the place off, evacuate non- Moslems, and slaughter the rest like livestock.

With that response, and with the self-victimizing response of the politically-correct insane, I believe we've established the endpoints.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Cybrludite said...

A more workable solution: cordon it off, teargas the heck out of the place, and ship every idetifiable rioter back to the 3rd World hellhole they or their parents originally came from.

3:11 AM  
Blogger njoriole said...

Europe, WAKE UP! Your noble heritage is being trashed by those you welcomed, and are you willing to say ENOUGH!? This is a clash of civilizations (or, more accurately, a clash between a civilization and uncivilized, medieval thugs). THe Caliphate looms-what will be done to stop it?

6:31 AM  
Blogger wakeup said...

It still amazes me that people tolerate this crap in the name of progress and multi-culturism. A clue would be that it is not working the evidence would be people rioting in the name of a child molesting profit and a murderous god that is a figment of a mad mans imagination. History has once again repeated itself. It did not work in Rome, they fell, it is not working in America, and we really have only been going at it for 50 or so years now and our inner cities are war zones. So precedence would lead one to believe that it is not going to work in Europe. It’s the nature of the beast that we call humans. No one wants to call a spade a spade but these guys can only be dealt with in the brutal manner in which they deal with others. If you are unwilling to fight on those terms then you have two options. Expel them back to their countries or die. They are prone to violence whether it is through teaching or genetics there is a clear trail of evidence that reflects it. Spare your tolerance for someone who deserves it and does not expect it to be on their terms. No one would tolerate a guest that seeks refuge at their house and then start demanding terms, so why do governments and the people as a whole tolerate this. It is time for the people of these nations to rise up and meet them head on if the governments will not stand for them.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Nahanni said...

Want to see what Europe will look like in 10 years?

Review what happened in Bosnia 10-15 years ago.

That is the face of the future for Europe.

8:00 AM  
Blogger starboardside said...

I'd like to see these Koranimals try this shit in Texas.

9:24 AM  
Blogger The Krabs said...

Putting down the American president and hating America for fighting the islamopigs has done nothing but prove to these insects that you are weak and they can take over your country. You euros better choose a side. Either join us and eliminate this vermin or become a slave to them. The choice is yours.

10:06 AM  
Blogger irishspy said...

Uh, Krabs? Denmark is on *our* side. They supported the invasion of IRaq and have troops there.

Let's stick to facts, OK?

10:21 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

@ the krabs

You need to wake up and see that it isnt "Europe" that is that way.

Denmark has had special forces and F-16s in Afghanistan and currently fields soldiers in the PRTs there.

In Iraq, we currently have close to 600 troops, including helicopters.

Under our current PM, Denmark is one of the closest allies the US has in Europe, and Denmark was the only country Bush visited on his way to the Gleneagles summit this summer.

Personally, I was one of the organizers behind the pro-US demo we held on that occasion.

Please realize that Europe is not a monolithic entity. We also have "red" and "blue" states.

Oh, and as to "eliminate" and cp´s "slaughter", war to the knife is not something Id wish for.


10:28 AM  
Blogger yochanan said...

the infatada is now in euroland. I guess the dhimmi paying there tax to the pali did not help them.

10:36 AM  
Blogger dennisw said...

I posted your translations, this information at:

10:48 AM  
Blogger dennisw said...

Insanely generous welfare programs are causing the Muslim population explosion
in Europe. I costs the Muslims nothing to have 10 children instead of 2.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

@ Dennisw

Thank you for spreading the to say :-)

As to moslems and children - they were already having that many children before they came here. One of the 7 moslems arrested as part of a terror cell over the last week was part of a set of siblings of 11!!

The demographic transition kicks in in the next generation, though. By the 2nd generation here (ie, after they came), they are at Danish levels.

Thanks to the Danish welfare system, Danes are having more children than most other European people, btw.


11:45 AM  
Blogger visionar said...

The US thanks you for your support. Europe does need to gather itself for a long war with the Islamofascists. It is time to export all those from our countries that don't support tolerance to all men, women, religion and life style. What is hard for me to understand is why ultra liberals aren't standing up to this intolerance. Gays, Feminists and non comformists are at the top of the list to kill for the religion of peace thugs.

12:15 PM  
Blogger eLarson said...

Hej, Henrik. I have added you to my blogroll.

2:31 PM  
Blogger didymus2000 said...

Solution? Transportation.

Arrange for a poor third world county like Kirghizstan to set up a giant prison, funded by Denmark to provide Muslim national levels of care. How do the Iranians treat their criminals? Violently? Shariah demands it? Well, that is just fine for Danish Muslim criminals that cleave to Islam and attack the West.

Long prison terms: 20 years or so.

For Muslim inmates they would be in a Muslim land enjoying Muslim-level accomodations, with Muslim-type prison guards, so they really wouldn't be worse off.

Let the prisons be subject to Shariah law, so prisoner theft would lose a prisoner his hand and male/male sex would lose him his life.

I imagine that Danish immigrant crime would drop as fast as America's did when we got serious about putting large numbers of OUR violent and unsocialized Africans in prison.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Bruce McIntyre said...

While these Islamic immigrants have no more children while in Europe than they did at "home" in North Africa and the Middle East, the difference is that in the Eurocradle, very few of them die off the way they did at home.

The result is that in 20 years, Europe will be majority Islamic, and the Islamofacits will vote themselves anything they want. And to hell with the "natives."

7:23 PM  
Blogger FionbarIreland said...

If these islam thugs want to claim a district as their own patch, well then let them. Just cut them off from all welfare support and all public services and see how they fare. Then cordon the place off and deport them back home. You will have prepared them properly in advance for readjusting to home life.

4:41 AM  
Blogger meiza said...

You didn't pick up on the "we wont accept what Jyllands-Posten has done to the prophet" thing?

I'm not sure if it's this drawing or something similar that has caused such riots... and an international incident with egypt too, search jyllands-posten muhammed in google.

5:12 AM  
Blogger Nahanni said...


If they tried that in Houston they would find that the reputation that the Houston Police Department has for having itchy trigger fingers is true.

They would also find that the general population has some pretty itchy trigger fingers, too.

On Friday night when Hurricane Rita came ashore there were quite a few citizen shotgun squads out patrolling their neighborhoods in case some punks decided they wanted to loot. Some did try to loot and were held at gunpoint until HPD could come pick them up. Once word of that got around all the wannabe looters vanished. Guess they didn't want to be on the receiving end of an Ithica street sweeper.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...


Im doing it later today. I have another blog to run, and Im building up a Danish alternative to the news services (Reuters et al) to get around their spin at the same time.

Add to that university studies, job volunteer work and family, and Im actually quite pressed for time.

This is only the start-up phase of the blog, tho. Im bringing more people in.


6:10 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

@Bruce McIntyre

Im not that alarmist again - demographic takeover takes time, and most European countries are cracking down on unlimited immigration. Asylum requests to Denmark have dropped 90% over the last 4 years, fex, because the requirements to be met have been hightened considerably.

The latest forecasts say 700.000 moslems in a Danish population of 4.4 million in 2050.

Im worried more about Germany and especially Italy. Sweden, too.


6:13 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...


Something like that was suggested recently by the DPP candidate for the mayorship of Copenhagen, our capital. Only, the country that was to provide the prisons was Russia.

Then came a media campaign against her, launched by the militant humanist Minority Party, and she has been incommunicade since then. More about that in an upcoming post on Danish local elections.


PS. Austria has a program like the one you outline, where criminal migrants from Romania and other eastern European countries are sent to serve their sentences in their homelands.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Thomas Bolding Hansen said...

Im not so worried about Germany ór the anglo saxon world, except Sweden that haven´t even started realizing the problem and probably more immigrants than even France relatively. Holland may be in trouble also, but I think they can turn things around.

Í think the global trouble of islam will explode long before the local problems does.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Jameson Burt said...

Intolerance of Intolerance
While each person should choose his own commandments, "tolerance" likely should be one of them. However, people MUST be intolerant of those who are intolerant.
A good question before immigration and government positions is "if someone committed no civil crime in his lifetime, could he have done something causing you to call him evil?"

The monotheistic religions after (but not including) Zoroastrianism are far more intolerant of others. Their claim to correctness is that they have chosen the correct god because there is only one god, their god (intolerance). We should not tolerate intolerant religions, including many sects of both Islam and Christianity.

Those who are worthy can choose their own moral guidelines separate from religious immersion. What would yours be?
Maybe, "Bring out the best in others", the Ethical Society motto. Or maybe, "(1) Be considerate of others. (2) Be responsible for yourself", a minimal binary set of morals.

8:30 PM  
Blogger CAdweller said...

What does the average Dane or Frenchman in the street think of all this? We know the Dutch viewpoint about "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" have changed, but we don't know much about the response in countries now having riots except what government spokesmen say--and we in America are well aware that government spokesmen may not represent the viewpoint of the majority of citizens. I just find it difficult to believe that Europeans are now willing to let their own societies be victimized and destabilized by those they have invited in and welcomed. Are they?

12:06 AM  
Blogger Carl Brandt said...

I was in Kopnhamn a little over a year ago. I took this photo in a Moslem neighborhood. Every ethnic Dane I met was a wonderful person, kind, intelligent, and sophisticated. I hope if I go back in ten years, that'll still be the case; but the immigration problem needs to be addressed. (The city that most frightened me, in terms of what the future of Scandinavia might look like, was Malmo, Sweden. Everywhere, roving bands of young Moslems, spitting, screaming at women, there were broken windows and defaced buildings in mass scale, something I did not witness in any other Nordic city.)

12:56 AM  
Blogger BBridges said...

Europe is that stage of cancer where a decision has to be made, start with the aggressive chemo or prepare for a sedated, painfree death. The question is, do they take the morphine and quietly fade away or decide to endure the pain of fighting for their life?

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the "Peace at any Cost" fund.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Retch said...

this is a joke.

30 to 40 kids, worse things happen in the city I live in on a regular basis.

If they can't deal with 40 kids tops, that says how weak they truly are.

But nice overreaction, every city in the United States has more serious problems than this, with assaults, robberies, and vandalism.

Only in nice European countries do people go nuts over everyday American stuff.

Though to be honest, in the us it has nothing to do with religion. Some might say race others class, but it hardly matters.

Aren't the mean immigrant neighborhoods the source of the tough men that won WWII for the US? Or aided in that part? Mythologized in every growing up poor, street smart and strong movie.

But hey, their muslim so screw 'em.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

While I'm sorry to see the Danes having so much trouble, it's good to see them standing up to the problem. Many of your European neighbors just don't have the stones for it!

I, for one, have always appreciated your support for the U.S. in the world, and hope that you know you have many friends over here!


8:23 AM  
Blogger AlienObserver said...

Its unfortunate that many law-abiding Muslims living in Europe are being demonized by a tiny minority of young boys with lots of misdirected angst. I'm sure Europe and America has its share of overactive young men doing silly things that would be frowned upon by some of you here. I have traveled a bit in Europe and being an American, can testify to the fact that no one nation has the moral high ground in this instant.
A proper solution is simply to punish those involved in vandalism without generalizing about the whole Muslim population currently residing in Europe. Many, from the conversations that I've had, disapprove of this kind of behavior.

1:46 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

One muslim lady writes:
Fareena Raza comments:
on Nov 4 2005 7:33PM
To continue with my argument that "the antics of the islamofascists is that of spewing venom and throwing crap to the ceiling fan, whenever opposed or when they are told what they dont want to hear. "Either you are with us or against us" - logic of primitive tribal muslims..." you see the world over, the same savage antics of

* burning used in Godhra carnage is happening in Paris, "as we speak"

* police no-go zones as in Gujarat - Godhra, Bangalore, Kerala, as in Denmark and France..

And there has been jihadi savagery war in India too...for almost a millennium...supported by sub-humans like pseudo secularists like Gandhi, Nehru, al.

4:23 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

centrist comments:
on Nov 4 2005 6:58PM

[the ruling party of India] Congress is not a centrist but a leftist party. It was always dominated by pro-muslim elements. Most congress leaders spend their career trying to prove that they are true muslim messiah eg. Arjun-Singh. On the other hand, True secularist like Rajaji were mercilessly hounded-out of congress.

Pseudo-Secular wolfs have chased away all true-secular sheeps out of congress. Today, Congress is not a herd of secular sheeps but a pack of pseudo-secular wolfs wearing secular sheep-skin.

More-over, Ideology of congress is a hotch-potch mixture of Fabian-Socialism, Communism and Maclauyism. This ideology is very similar to far-leftist ideologies like Saddam Hussein's Baathism.

Congress always loved communism. Even mahatma gandhi declared "I am a Communist." (*)

(*) My Socialism. By M. K. Gandhi

4:38 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:40 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

There was a news item in India recently to prove mobocracy as in France and Denmark.
Hindu [man] marries Muslim, angry mob kills brother [of the man]

Contrast India and Malaysia:
Malaysia: Islam and multi-culturalism By Roger Hardy BBC Islamic affairs analyst
First, they gave Islam a new pre-eminence in public life. This meant stressing Muslim values and identity, building up Islamic institutions and forging new links with the wider Muslim world.
Second, they continued the "affirmative action" policies, begun in the 1970s, which gave the ethnic Malays - who form some 60% of the population - a privileged position in government, education and the bureaucracy.
But where do these twin goals leave the Chinese, Indians and others who form the non-Muslim minority? Can a society based on these two principles also be genuinely democratic? …..
The non-Muslims, he says bluntly, are second-class citizens.
An indigenous Indian of her ancient culture writes "In India, we in the majority are SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. We thought colonialism ended; thought Human Rights Violations are taken seriously; thought Cold War ended; thought people would be treated with mutual respect in this new millennium with no religious colonialism and conversion politics, thought majority ought to rule in a democracy, thought secularism meant no meddling by mosques and churches in our politics, thought serial mass murderers would be brought to justice [like the ones who butchered nine for remarks of American, Jerry Falwell in distant USA, slaughtered 3000+ for an old ***unused*** bldg called babri mosque equating a bldg with 3000 lives..etc].

We still have major colonialism, Human Rights violations, cold war arms deals, inequities, hijacking of democracy by maoist proxy murders, anti-secular minority keeping the native culture from self-rule and autonomy. Somebody needs to do the dirty job of keeping in check the anti-Indian forces that are taking law into their own hands while our folks are taking own their lives by suicide.

Raids house to house to **sweep** up the muslim criminals of India as in Saudi Arabia today, Morocco, Israel and Iraq that might be a small first step, is not happening."

This goes to prove how the virulently sinister agenda of the 'uncaring' cruel and wicked anti-Indian muslim minority is, an agenda that is ruining the nation yet another
decade and ever widening the gap between the rich and the 440+ mil poor - former addicted to bollywood and cricket, latter wondering about the next meal, merely living on hope.

4:53 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

War in India continues for one more century while that France, Denmank just started..
A 15-year-old girl was gangraped by four youths including a college student,... two of the accused and handed them over to police, while the other two managed to flee.

The duo in police custody has been identified as Feroz (23), an alumnus of Oxford College in Bangalore, and Anis (24), a nursing college student.
3 held for supplying arms to Naxals
Mangalore, Oct 14: The Anti-Rowdy Squad (ARS) here has arrested three persons on the charge of supplying weapons to Naxals in Andhra Pradesh, a top police official said.

The arrested were identified as B Venkatareddy, a native of Kodad village near Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh, Mohammed Sayyad of Malur in Kolar district...
Evidence that Indian girls are often the targets of predatory islamists preying on them

Pregnant (Hindu) schoolgirl pays with legs - for love
By Krittivas Mukherjee, Indo-Asian News Service

Kolkata, Feb 26 (2005) (IANS) To most people, love is the elixir of life. But for Moushumi Mondal, a schoolgirl in West Bengal, it has been her greatest enemy that almost took her life and left her crippled.

A few months ago, Mondal, a student of Class 11 from Mahmudpur in Murshidabad district, was like any other girl in love, full of hopes, vim and a zest for life.

According to Mondal, after spending several days together, Khan told her that he was married and that he was not in a position to marry her. Mondal went to see Khan at the appointed place by a railway track. There, after some sweet talk, Khan pushed her in front of a running train.
Luckily, she fell in such a way that only her legs came under the wheels of the train.

"Still, I wanted to save Zakir. I didn't want to tell police that he had tried to kill me. But a few people had seen him pushing me in front of the train," Mondal, who lost her both legs from the knee told reporters from her hospital bed.

To add to her misfortunes, she has been diagnosed as two months' pregnant.

Raiganj rape case: Das Munshi plays up to Muslim vote bank
By Our Correspondent

Kolkata, Sept.5 (VSK): She was vibrant, full of youthful energy and enthusiasm; she was only 14 years old. But, Pratima Das’ life was cut short. A student of class VIII, her only crime was that she was born in a Hindu family and lived with her parents in the Muslim-dominated Kasba Maheso village near Raiganj town in North Dinaipur district in the Communist-ruled West Bengal. On August 2, four local notorious Muslim youth abducted Pratima, raped and then murdered her. The criminals are yet to be arrested despite massive public protest against the police inaction.

The four Muslim thugs, Hero Muhammad, Saturja Muhammad, Hussain Ansari and Mukta Ali, are members of a notorious gang of smugglers operating around the Indo-Bangladesh border. These four motorbike riding Muslim goons had made it a daily practice to tease Pratima while she was on her way to school: As the teasing went beyond tolerance, Pratima protested and reported the matter to the school authorities. This enraged the criminals and they openly threatened to rape her soon. The local police was informed about the threat but no action.
Indians are yet to wake up to smell the stench around them created and kept stinky for many centuries for 800 years of colonial rule and 60 yrs of neo-colonialism by anti-Hindu thugs.......

4:59 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

/////Most recent riots in India - a muslim thug runs killing fields one more time one more century....///ISLAMO MOBOCRACY//////
Mau: Ansari evades cops, meets media
Wednesday October 19 2005 00:00 IST

MAU: The Mulayam government has finally registered an FIR against independent MLA from Mau, Mukhtar Ansari, who has been charged by the Opposition and residents here for playing an ``incendiary role'' in the riots that broke out on Friday, claiming 12 lives and leaving around 100 people injured.

However, Ansari has evaded arrest so far with police carrying raids at various locations here.
/////A muslim writes.. /////////
"During the 1941 communal riots [Gandhi days], the Hindus took a terrible beating and never forgot it. Khadia, within the walled city, became a stronghold of Hindus, but there was no militancy in the area. The 1945 communal riots were milder, but when India became free, it was hoped that Hindus and Muslims could live together in peace."

As someone said, "The major legacy of our pseudo hero, Gandhi, has been this type of viral growth of no-go zones for the most basic service providers, our police force - "official enforcers":=
NDF back with a bang, courtesy CPM **KA Antony**/ Kochi
The ISI-sponsored National Development Front (NDF), a Muslim fundamentalist outfit, which was lying low since the May 2003 Marad carnage in which nine Hindus were killed, is back with a bang, thanks to CPI (M) patronage.

Besides killing Hindu Aikyavedi and RSS leader Aswini Kumar of Iritty Punnad in the Communist heartland of Kannur last week, the NDF has opened over 30 new training centers in the State, most of them in the Malabar region.

The police are having a tough time in identifying the NDF cadres owing to their dual identity. Says DIG (Northern Region) Nitin Agarwal : "It is difficult to identify them. And even if we do so we can **not** arrest them owing to political **pressure***."<--------------

5:21 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...


“There seems to be a consistent pattern of the bloody jihadi acts of beastly violence:=
Step-I - provoke with one or two murders;
Step-II - try again with a few more murders;
Step-III - repeat till there is backlash;
Step-IV - murder as many possible in the full scale riots and get natives killed by police too;
Step-V - CRY 'BLOODY MURDER' and blame the victims – LONDON Bombing perfect example that is witnessing what you have had for several ***CENTURIES***;
Step-VI - get compensation, reparations - a slum dweller gets a nice house that middle income chap often doesn't pay off in his lifetime of mortgage;
Step-VII - get global attention to demonize the victims ever more and play the persecuted victim; etc.”

There are many other examples of communal rioting in which trouble started as a clash between the police and Muslims and only subsequently turned into a Hindu-Muslim conflict. The Idgah incident in Moradabad (1980) is a case in point." Here are other riots,

Bhiwandi (1970)
Tellicherry Disturbances (1971)
Firozabad (1972)
Aligarh (1978)
Meerut (1982, 87)
Meerut 1987 Dead: 350
Moradabad (1980)
Delhi (1984) Dead: 2,733
Bhagalpur (1989) 27 October 1989
Bombay (1992-93) Dead: 1,788 etc.

In the last one, for a mere unused bldg in ruins called Babri, 2000 [3000?] lives were butchered, equating its reclamation of the small piece of sacred ground to slaughtered masses. Radical supporters of jihadi brigades want to perpetuate that type of savagery that has gone on from the days of bloody Jinah who ruined the bond between Hindu-Muslims before the Muslim League was formed in Dec 31 1902 (?) before any such outfit by Hindus who are always slow to form groups or organize into political or social defense coalitions.

Refer to "the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir, Kerala and Assam, cultural assault via demographic manipulation..," list of riots, stoning/lynching of Ganesh festivities proves barbarism of muslim villains with **excessive rights** beyond any doubt - as perfectly illustrated by ten **unrelated** deaths in India for JERRY FALWELL's remarks in far away USA plus frequent and wide-spread stoning of Hindu street festivities.

It is the Hindus and Sikhs that have suffered the worst Human Rights violations to date and yet, no NGO has taken up their cause. Even IDRF, the only AID agency to save their lives in disaster relief has been undermined by wicked Muslims and cruel media, from overseas as in the case of natural backlash like the Gujarat riots after Godhra carnage where innocent women and children were burnt alive in a train car.

BURNING IS THE TOOL OF islamofascist CHOICE, be it India or France or Denmark...

5:31 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Just think about it - why should we support pakkis in earth quake - tragic it was - beyond what we all have already done - close to $200 mil has been received and they want close to one BILLION.

* Pakkis have been funding terrorism in Afghanistan and India for ages - perhaps 9-11 too;
* Brits proved a clear link in 7-7 London bombings;
* Mukhtaran Mai gang rape is notorious and Mushy lied after his foul comments on getting raped to settle abroad - but one of online news media uploaded his audio file to show he is darn liar of the worst kind; it is exporting gang rape and anarchy to India;
* India borrowed heavy loans from IMF/WB for its Tsunami victims and those victims are also sleeping under open skies; it is not getting any for its victims of the Quake either;
* pakkis are known to be "world class liars" to quote Secy Rumsfeld in another context;
* pakkis dumped 130+ mil of its wards as orphaned criminal burden as those 130+ mil ever demanding and murderous muslims are being carried on the backs of 440+ mil desperately poor Hindus - no annual compensation for India;
* the area called "Pakistan Occupied Kashmir" also called 'pakki administered Kashmir' was stolen from India by savage war - the very place where terrorists are being trained and sent over to the Indian streets to murder, rape and plunder;
Latest was serial blasts in Delhi on 29 Oct 2005. etc..


5:48 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

There is **nothing good** about anti-Indians. The danger the minority pose is more and more severe and serious than you can ever imagine. “Among other things, they
1. Take/rob land for burial while Hinds cremate/burn their dead body;
2. Bad mouth India overseas;
3. Cause rift in the families and society by conversion;
4. Politicize religion by rigging elections and ruining both **democracy and secularism**;
5. Show no regard for the 'host culture - because of "superficial fascist pride";
6. Show no respect for the Government attacking it at every chance;
7. Keep demanding more and more with begging bowl - being never self-reliant;
8. Rob, rape or riot to grab more and more by lies, theft, rape and serial mass murder.

Read about
/////////////HUMAN AND MATERIAL COST IN ONE RIOT//////////////////////////
#Riot report card
Number of people killed 872 [some say, it was 1788]
Number of people injured 1829
Number of people missing 443
(Government figures submitted to the Srikrishna Commission).
Number of people who fled the city 150,000
Number who sought refuge in relief camps 100,000
Loss of property Rs 40 billion----------------------------***************************
Homes burned 10,000
People left homeless 50,000

@---Billions lost in Ahmadabad riots;
@---Billion or more lost in post-Godhra riots;
@---Millions of Hindu lives lost or injured in gazillion stabbings and riots;
@---Billions stolen from Hindu temple larceny, defiling and defacing;
/////////////Christian Journalist ANTHONY reporting anarchy and no-go zones for cops in Kerala//////////////
NDF back with a bang, courtesy CPM - KA Antony/ Kochi
The ISI-sponsored National Development Front (NDF), a Muslim fundamentalist outfit, which was lying low since the May 2003 Marad carnage in which nine Hindus were killed, is back with a bang, thanks to CPI (M) patronage.

Besides killing (many non-muslim leaders) of Iritty Punnad in the Communist heartland of Kannur last week, the NDF has opened over 30 new training centers in the State, most of them in the Malabar region

The police are having a tough time in identifying the NDF cadres owing to their dual identity. Says DIG (Northern Region) Nitin Agarwal : "It is difficult to identify them. And even if we do so we can not arrest them owing to political **pressure***.<<<<<<<<<<<"

NOTE: CPI(M)= Communist Party of India - Marxist;
ISI- pakki-CIA but mostly thugs and anarchists

6:07 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

One bold and sincere Indian writes.....
"Ever since Mohamad Ali Jinah of Gandhi's era perfected riots as the murderous weapon to seize more wealth and power from Hindustanis, riot has become entrenched in that society. Local Indians have been excessively tolerant giving away too much and giving in too much. Police are also too lax with the muslims who were also probably involved in the anti-Sikh riots.

Jihadis that constitute the major fraction of the muslims that are really the pakki burden but got left dumped in India in 1947, keep grabbing more and more by greedy, dishonest means using such political violent tools as rape, murder and other criminal means. I wonder when the Indians would wake up."

If you think deeply, you would know that "law of the jungle" prevails wherever the authorities are either unwilling (being in collusion with the criminals) or unable (being incompetent or under-resourced) to prevent violent extremism. In this mileu, there is bound to be clash and conflict.

Only if everybody is mindful of public safety, there can be some degree of normalcy in the Indian streets. I dread the future of India that is afflicted with so many divisions and factions, unlike China. I share the concerns of Madam Miriam who seems to have missionary care for our common welfare and well-being."

"Can you tolerate more talibanization and more criminalization of Indian politics, opening up the Indian culture to savage forces?"

Mukhtaran Mai who was gang raped, then asked to be silent, has now been tasked to get money for the earth quake during her U.S tour! Fascism is not nationalism but master-slave dictatorship!!


6:14 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Indian minority muslims numbering more than 130 million belong to pakki land but have been riding free with free lunch too, on the backs of poor citizens of India, for several decades now. Their population is exploding - same tactics used to drive out Christian Serbs from Kosovo and Bosnia. (Ironincally, the savage Kosovars are demanding independence from Serbs!)

They are also good at **subversion** - getting others to do their dirty savagery - like they subverted John Walker Lindt, Jose Padilla, Christopher Reed, the Indian Brit, Hemant Lakhani now in U.S jail, ..and so on. Anyone close to them is likely to be subverted to their barbaric cause and so, even being friendly with them, is risky. You read about Indian teens raped or killed, being friendly with them and their family seeing their tragic end with no remedy, right?

6:23 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Indian police though under-manned, ill-trained and ill-equipped are doing a fairly good job - like they busted this ring:
# Davangere police bust human trafficking DAVANGERE, DHNS: In a major breakthrough, Davangere police have busted an inter-State human trafficking racket and have arrested six persons Ashraf Mohmad and Amir Ali belonging to Vynadu and Kasaragodu districts in Kerala, Herald Jerome De'Souza from Udupi, Ibrahim from Mysore and Davangere resident Ashifa Banu have been arrested in this connection.
Contrast Indian police and that of Israel's MILITARY [used for LAW-ENFORCEMENT] that has very many tools to use in its kit, such as:-


For the minority of India, their religion comes first and not India. Their first loyalty is to their priests and imams. They are always ready to murder at the bidding of these bigotted fundamentalists.

Hindus have almost no such tools, sadly. But you can surely put a stop to their savagery by total **boycott** and get some measure of social justice.

In addition to proxy maoist agents of islamists, other most dangerous ones are these:
Anjuman-e-Islam,Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK), SIMI, AMU, CONGRESS PARTY, WAQF BOARD, AIMPLB, Jamat e Islami Hind, Tabligh-e-Jamat, Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM)..etc.

6:26 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Just consider this: ethnic cleansing of former Yugoslavia was getting media attention and public awareness. How many know about the following fact?

Kashmir had an even divide - 50% each - of muslims and non-muslims during savage dismemberment (when millions of Hindus and Sikhs were butchered by the greedy, dishonest islamofascists of pakki land or fakistan).

Now most Hindus and Sikhs have been either killed or driven out under threat of savagery. During U.S Clinton's visit alone, one whole village of Sikhs were savagely butchered. Many wedding parties have been slaughtered repeatedly, thanks to the uncivilized pakkis of fakistan.

Is this not ethnic cleansing? Now the population of Kashmir has very few non-muslims less than 10%. Even the Buddhists of Ladakh province, have been either converted into islam or decimated otherwise.

One part called Pakistan Controlled Kashmir was stolen by savage war. Other part called Akshai Chin was donated by the pakkis to the chinese after the same war! Hate-mongering and war-mongering is profitable in South Asia!! Should you fund hatred, in addition to $10 bil for pretending to catch bin Laden and in addition to now close to quarter billion for quake? The tents and helicopters might be used in another jihadi war against the trusting Indians. Spread this message to all you know.

6:55 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Rapes, serial mass murders in riots.. are not the only weapons of pakki slaves inside India but temple thefts and defiling too. I HAVE **DOZENS** OF SUCH TEMPLE LARCENY AND DESECRATION *CURRENT* CASES of INDIA IN MY FILES
# ---------------
Burglars decamp with lingam from a temple

Tiruchirappalli, Dec 4: The top portion of the siva lingam was found stolen from a temple atop a hillock at

Tiruengoyimalai near Musiri about 40 kms here, police said.
Published: Saturday, December 04, 2004
# ---------------
4 idols, ornaments stolen from temple
Coimbatore, Nov 5: Four panchaloha idols, some ornaments and pooja articles were stolen from a temple near Tirupur

On information, police rushed to the temple and pressed into service fingerprint experts and a sniffer dog.

Published: Friday, November 05, 2004

# ---------------
Two idols, valuables looted from temple
Coimbatore, Feb 19: Two "panchaloha" idols, silver ornaments and other valuables were looted from a temple near

Sulur, on the outskirts, today.
Two idols of Sundareshwarar and Meenatchiyamman, believed to be more than 300 years old, two silver tridents, a

silver pedestal, and silver ornaments weighing about two kg, were found missing from the temple, police said.
Some knives, cycle chain and rods used for the burglary were recovered from the premises and fingerprint experts

were pressed into service, they said.
The value of the lost articles was being assessed, police added. (Agencies)
Published: Saturday, February 19, 2005
# ---------------
TN temple theft: Gang held in Kerala
Kochi, Dec 27: A nine-member gang, which stole three panchaloha idols and a panchaloha crown from a temple in

Tamil Nadu September 4, was arrested here today, police said.

The gang had stolen the idols and crown from the 2000-year-old Varadaraja Perumal Temple at Seydanganallur, in

Thoothukudi district.
Published: Monday, December 27, 2004

# ---------------
******Jul 9 2004 : KT.Rao comments on 24 idols of Hindu gods and goddesses vandalised in Kanniyakumari

district (News Today) *********
************Shiva idol stolen at Kerela ***********
Kanhangad (Kerala)
The main idol of the Shiva temple here was found stolen early Monday morning, police said. The over

200-year-old panchaloha (of five metals) idol of lord Shiva, weighing 8 kg, was stolen after the door of the

sanctum sanctorum of the Poonkavu Karpooreshwara temple was broken open by thieves.
# ---------------
Panchaloha idols worth Rs 10 lakh stolen
Kannur, Sept 1: Two panchaloha idols were stolen from the Nuchyad Bhagavati Amman temple near Ulikkal in the early

hours today, police said.
The idols weigh 7.5 kg and are approximately valued at Rs 10 lakh.
The burglary came to light around 5.00 a.m. when the temple priest opened the doors of the sanctum sanctorum. The

temple hundi was found abandoned near the temple, police added. (Agencies)
Published: Thursday, September 01, 2005
# ---------------
------ 3 idols worth over Rs 1.25 crore seized [1 crore = 10 mil]
Bellary, Dec 16 (2004): Three antique panchaloha idols, valued at more than Rs 1.25 crore, were seized from two

persons, police said.
The two were arrested after police laid a trap with the help of a decoy customer. Three panchaloha idols of Rama,

Lakshmana and Sita, each two feet high and weighing 25 kg, were seized from them.
...ALL SHOWING AS ***CONCRETE*** EVIDENCE THAT IDOLS ALONE CAN CAUSE SO MANY CRIMINAL ACTS BY THOSE LEFT ON US AS ILLEGAL BURDEN with excessive privileges and not duties as citizens who trusted them as guests allowing them to stay back after India was dismembered in 1947. Should we fund hate of the hate-mongers and fascists who kill just for so-called 'dishonor' to just a book called 'kuran'? Spread the msg of 'no' to more funding of quake jihadis. Let the savages take IMF loan!

6:59 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

The best solution to islamofascism is boycott of their business, if possible even social boycott.
They are spread in 60+ countries and growing to be more than a BILLION while Hindus are shrinking by converison, subversion into godless communism/maoism, and mere necessity of poverty driven small families, while the islamofascists are breeding like pigs esp-ly in former Yugoslavia, India and now inEurope. Many of the 60+ islamist countries are awash with oil money which is not helping their own less
fortunate fellow islamists. Ie why mushy of fakistan asks for more money from the West not from oil rich arabs of SUDAN, ARABIA, KUWAIT, IRAN..etc.

The issues analyzed and synthesized for a solution of boycott of the islamofascists is to be further
strengthened with more awaremness of their savage violence, mafia intimidation and mind-games of islamofascists seen in in former Yugoslavia, India and now in Europe.

Let us realize that leftists are the subverted slavish fools - so insidiously subverted by islamofascists. All the leftists of the world
* those rioting in Argentina now;
* those protesting against Iraq or Affghan wars;
* those against native Indians of India coming to power after 800 years of brutal colonialism and 60 years of despotic neo-colonialism;
* those in the catholic church that convert the pagans rather than islamofascists out of fear of the islamofascist mafia;
are using the same savage violence, mafia intimidation and mind-games of islamofascists, as we see today in Argentina.

WITH THEIR WILY MIND GAMES, they could easily subvert even HUGO CHEVEZ OF VENEZUELA AND LULA D'SILVA OF BRAZIL into admitting arabs and muslims
into catholic Latin America; you see more chinese and pakkis - both legal and illegal - in catholic Latin America than any Indians or Indians muslims. This shows
that chinese and pakkis are neo-colonialist greedy and dishonest power and wealth grabbers and Indian muslims are happy and well-treated in India - in fact, enjoy excessive power stoning HIndus during their Hindu street functions, and causing savagery like in unrelated deaths of ten for the FOUL REMARKS OF A FILTHY
mouthed evangelist, JERRY FALWELL - not in any of the 60+ islamist countries but in Hindu majority India.

Should we fund hate of the hate-mongers and islamofascists who kill just for a book called 'kuran'? Spread the msg of 'no' to more funding of hate-mongering quake jihadis. Let the savages take IMF loan!..!

8:22 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

To this day, there is no college or university exclusively for Dalits or outcasts of India while there are very such institutions for the islamofascists who usurp more and more by mind games and savagery to this day leaving less for the less fortunate oppressed Dalits and Hindu poor. Now islamofascists want job quotas and indeed got such quotas in many states like Kerala, Andhra..etc. Even U.S Affirmative Action gives no quotas but only ensures equal look/consideration to Blacks in academics not jobs.

Dr Ambedkar of Gandhi's era, was a Dalit, so-called untouchable/outcast, who was opposed to pro-islamist and casteist policies and anti-Indian bias, being out to give the naiton from british hands to neo-mogul hands.
Now the recent revelation has bared the truth that the islamofascists of India are merely taking orders form their pakki masters.
What does surprise me again is why most of us dont take seriously the excessive power that our wily neighbor is wielding in our lives and livelihoods [ref- "that is why Pakistan always tries to creat a rift between Hindus and Sikhs."] and the power that Dr-A talked about when he said,
Let us share Dr Ambedkar's view that we cannot expect the same loyalty from the islamists who always put their religion 1st above all else. Hence, Kashmir betrayal of October 1948 doesnt surprise me. What does is the apathy of ordinary Indians and pro-Indians like Gail who are yet to see that the minority of India have excessive power that Dr-A realized a long, long ago!

/////////////*Dr-A's truthful remarks more true now than ever*////////////////////////
"On the contrary they are the two most powerful communities in India.... Their organisation is a solid structure and no Hindu will dare to take any liberties with them much less cause any harm to

What are the political demands of the Muslims ..? It is not possible to set them out here. But the general opinion is that they are very ***extravagant**"////////////////////////

Consider this, the islamist usurpers got more than three universities for themselves- AMU, Jamia Milia Islamia, Dr Zakir Hussain College, Anglo-Arab College..etc.
and when they shed fake tears NOW for Harijans, could we trust them? Similarly, when Catholics like Arundati Roy shed crocodile tears for Harijans, it is hard to believe their sincerety, knowing they grossly ill-treat the Harijans. She has a huge following among the 'elite' of India who openly support the violence of naxals and the commies; isnt that bizarre Ex-Pope is supposed to have brought down Poland from commie hold and papacy is against godless commies [in the bizarro world of India pope cares not for Indian communism - in fact, prominent catholics like Arundati Roy and the Congress Sonia - are in active nexus with the violent naxalites - last elections were really won by scaring voters by naxal serial mass murders of TDP activists] ..

ACTS BY THOSE LEFT ON Indians AS ILLEGAL BURDEN with excessive privileges and not duties as
citizens while fine citizens who trusted them as guests allowing them to stay back after India
was dismembered in 1947 and who are regretting from their over-staying savage guests now.

Should we fund hate of the hate-mongers and fascists who kill just for a book called 'kuran'? Spread the msg of 'no' to more funding of hate-mongering quake jihadis. Let the savages take IMF loan!

Note: Panchaloha is an alloy of FIVE METALS - metturgy perfected by Indians long before Christ era.

8:29 AM  
Blogger xenmate said...

@all the above


Never read such an array of racist fascist bollocks in my life!

Thank you guys, your ignorance has provided me with a very entertaining afternoon!

8:49 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Let us face the facts honestly before supporting savage serial violence, that has far-reaching tentacles and impact...
Muslim missionaries questioned in terrorism probe
By Kelly Hearn THE WASHINGTON TIMES September 4, 2005

BUENOS AIRES -- Police have briefly detained dozens of Muslim missionaries from the Arab world and South Asia in recent months, acting on tips from Spanish and Italian officials investigating terrorist attacks in Europe.
Argentine newspapers reported that 26 members of Jamaat Tabligh, an Islamic missionary sect, had been held,
Evidence has been provided to prove that Vedic Indian girls are often the targets of predatory islamists preying on them

This is what a patriotic Indian wrote on an web article:
Posted by Munir.Akram on Jul 22, 2005

Talk about 'respecting facts'! Wow!! That is the last thing in the mind of //an*l anti-Hindus//.

Many here have listed very long history of serial mass murders by jihadi for more than 1000 years,
that is still going on, in India and fast spreading to UK, Egypt, now Europe..

There is clear, concrete and compelling evidence that the Dalits are being trained to be ***jihadis**** given their arming and camps they are put through:=//////////////
CUDDALORE, OCT. 28. The Cuddalore police claim to have busted a fundamentalist outfit — Manitha Neethi Pasarai (MNP) located at Nellikuppam — which has been allegedly converting Dalits .. The police have rounded up 15 persons... and seized from them long sickles, **foreign-made**daggers, ...incriminating documents and Rs. 85,000 (in the denomination of Rs. 500).
But the masterminds, Khaja Mohideen (45) of Neyveli and Abdul Khani of Keezhakarai have escaped.
//////////////////Vulgar fascist lies spread with hatred to conceal jihadi culture take-over of Vedic Indians///////////////////////

There is no doubt jihadi muslims and p-secs have adopted the notorious Jinah-ism of keeping a smiling face while maintaining the frequent and widespread street savagery whereas the Hindus continue to maintain a superior form of pacifist Gandhism - with almost no significant backlash or revenge for most of the barbaric violence by the muslims of India, including Kashmir.

Is the anti-Indians living la la land or smoking pot or indulging in "doublespeak Squared"? One thing is for sure, he hates everything Indian except his buddies who are obscenely corruptive muslims and deceptive crooks that he was born with.

It is apparent thet Jinah-ism of the muslims left behind in India involves double faced double talk with forked tongue and street savagery institutionalised by notorious Jinah's two faced manoeuvre of giving the best facade of a secular unity-minded Gujarathi lawyer while actively inciting serial mass murders like this //stinky ana* nair//.

In my opinion, //stinky anti-Hindus// are simply playing with people's lives by deliberately siding with a notoriously evil regime that has blood on its hands. He might well belong to one of a number of criminal gangs.

There can't be any convergence of interests between victims of heinous crimes and perpetrators of those crimes.

There can't be any common ground between those who have been denied even the basic human right to live and those who are denying it.

There can't be any agreement between the Hindus who have been deprived of their rights and homeland and those others like //stinky ana* nair// who are unwilling to disarm and face trials and pay compensation.

There might be many suckers like //stinky anti-Hindus// to get entrapped into this snare, not knowing how Hindu fools are being luring into yet another quagmire that helps only the greedy jihadi savages and wipes out the rest.

At every turn, you find vulgar plots being hatched as this "Fundamentalist outfit busted at Nellikuppam" and in every muslim post here you read obscene lies and hate as the one on Godhra pogram where innocent women and children - yes children were burnt alive. MARAD, temple, bus, train, cinema blasts, prove frequent SERIAL MASS MURDERS that Jinah, the super-terrorist institutionalised, has made rioting the enduring criminal history of muslims, the lasting legacy of these vulgar brutes.

When you read, "But the masterminds, Khaja Mohideen (45) of Neyveli and Abdul Khani alias Pichaikhani of Keezhakarai have escaped. According to the police sources, the MNP was said to be having a nationwide network and was suspected to have links with the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front of Yasin Malik and acted as a recruiting agency to beef up the terrorist forces in Jammu and Kashmir" and then "Funded from Riyadh" it makes you shudder at the scale and pervasiveness of this criminal syndicate.
Time we stopped tolerating such criminals and nair type hoodlums - from Hitler, Botha, mussaruff, kalam and maino - they all deserve a good kick! I know we Hindus can't forgive or forget millions of deaths of our ancestors over nine centuries in zillion riots and other savage barbaric attacks. Satara, Godhra and Marad are merely few recent ones, besides bus/train/temple blasts.

Look how widespread the tentacles of muslim anti-nationalism is,
//////////////////Vulgar fascist lies spread with hatred to conceal jihadi culture take-over of Sanskritis///////////////////////
"Meanwhile, one of his followers spread word of the arrest. Within no time, about 60 persons descended on the DGP's office and tried to prevent the arrest.

Just two months ago, similar rioting was witnessed at the City Police Commissioner's office when the police arrested Naseeruddin on charges of hatching a conspiracy to disturb the ***Ganesh**** festival."

Anyways, a*al fascists must not be allowed to get away with stinky lies.
"Islam and leftists have one thing in common : MY WAY OR HIGHWAY. This bottomline they will not admit it. Look at cross-climbers and green bhikharis desperately trying to defend indefensible."

9:16 AM  
Blogger Sourcer said...

It is the contention of Islam that its adherents are the Apex of humanity. This fact is bolstered by the wealth of muslims who on average are poorer than the average African. Allah loves muslims so much that he keeps them poor, miserable, downtrodden and ignorant. Such is to be sought ardently. It can only be gotten from psychotic relatives, slave owners and deities.

9:29 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Read what a bold and sincere woman of India writes:
All Comments on Geopolitics and Sanskrit Phobia
Posted by Seetha Raghavan on Jul 23, 2005

The immensity and gravity of the crimes against our humanity cannot be driven home to homeless bums. To come to a deal, we can offer those whoever turns in a fugitive of past crimes, a two-year residency permit in Saffron colour - called SAFFRON CARD; ten year permit if they can pass an advanced exam in SANSKRIT like they do in EUROPE.

The same can be granted to all the minority after ten years of 'good' behaviour - no verbal or physical or spiritual abuse - i.e. no conversion assault!..!!

Remember it is the direct confrontation of Indians with STONE AGE ISLAMOFASCISM that is the basis of all anti-India propaganda lies in the media, besides those of the savage islamists, their bizarre bed fellows.

I like the most these quotes,
"Demand of jobs for our Dalits after conversion only exposes that Dalit muslims/christians remain outcast as poor, abused and lowly! Recently, the **lower** caste Mai of fakistan was gang-raped when her brother was suspected to have done something to an upper-caste woman in PAKISTAN where there is supposedly NO CASTE SYSTEM AT ALL."
"But as far as the government doling out freebies to members of any particular religious group is unacceptable. That includes reservations for minorities; reservations based on caste, etc."

College reservation for Dalit Hindus is the only acceptable preference; what everyone needs to be interested in, must be helping save lives - no matter what his/her religion is. That currently criminals lives being valued more than the Hindu lives is totally unacceptable. You must insist on zero-tolerance on violence, especially by muslims **historically addicted** to violence like in, stoning of Hindu-Ganesh festivity or JERRY FALWELL or Moplah cases of savage deaths for fascist reasons unrelated to India or Indians; FALWELL's remarks uttered in distant USA caused 10 savage deaths in India NOT IN ANY OF THE 60+ ISLAMOFASCIST naitons or hell holes for their women.

How it was ignited by the savage islamists is seen here, "Influx of Hindus from Pakistan who were uprooted and who had suffered killings of relatives, abduction and rape of women and looting of their belongings had created an explosive situation. Local Hindus who were outraged by the treatment meted out to their Hindu brethren .."

Nothing has changed for Hindus - after colonialism, now you have neo-colonialism, "it shows to what extent blind non-violence has permeated the Hindu mind. They have retained their culture, language etc all throughout without any special laws/benefits because they were a minority. The Tamil majority has neither dominated them, nor been dominate... It was to be used only against violent tyrants who could not be reached for debate or who would not come out on the battlefield to fight. It was never used against a non-violent person, no matter how radical his or her views were....
this is not to say that the British and Mughals were good for Hindus. Indeed, Hindus suffered the most under them – much more than they suffered under Sunnis and Catholics."

How does one square the one sided violence and cultural assault by Indian minority on Hindus - victims of religious hatred for more than 1000 years? How is the Hindu non-response mostly figured in?

9:35 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Anti-muslims have been kept ignorant by msulim lies, myths, hogwash and hype.

To stop the continuing 'minority dominance and minority preference' by mafia tactics, you better give soon "guest worker visa" to all good muslims of India till their population goes down to 1947 level! Or else, only muslim ignition/start of violence and multiple revenge will continue.
Do the muslims of India practise or follow Gandhism? No. How many have taken a pledge of non-violence? How many came forward to prevent/pre-empt naxal killings of police
a) by turning in their muslim sponsors and
b) by turning all the fugitives of the past crimes? Waiting for your prompt reply...

"Banal spin misses the basic truth that 'invaders' in the likes of religious colonialists are still active to destroy every bit of 'nationhood consciousness' that Gandhi began to ruin in a systematic and deliberate manner favouring only the 'mussalmans' who are now joined by the Sonia-maanis in the vulgar decimation of self-rule or autonomy propects for the only citizens with any 'nationhood consciousness'. It is these respectable looking 'maans' for whom Gandhi's "mad" strategy of nonviolence was never intended or applicable, practised only by the Hindu Gandhians - same as Gandhian Hindus - who seldom engaged in backlash even with wide-spread and frequent serial mass murders leaving no time to grief. Like the killing of the Brazilian by the London police who lost their balance out of frustration, "they resorted to assassinating Gandhi in frustration" that he was instrumental in more egregious savage street killings almost every week, with Jinah on his side, in the name of "Direct Action".

There was absolutely no justification for use of violence by islamists then nor now. Only immature half-wits can descend to twist the facts all upside down to support such anti-national 'thugs and assassins'. No wonder other cult heros like Bollywood actors thrive by over-active spin mills.

In fact, Gandhi was engaged in cycles of reckless endangerment and criminal negligence in failing to do any bit to halt loss of every single life but allowing only loss of millions of Hindu lives.

He failed even as a dirty politician and failed as populist, since all lives were not held equally valuable, which view he did not apparently hold and which truth was too trivial to him, obscenely playing with naked unmarried women being all too important for his over-abundant leisure-time. Perhaps, he succeeded as a publicist. "

9:40 AM  
Blogger TruthJusticePeaceProsperity said...

Let us analyze what this subhuman Xenmate said:-
If you know about the dark arabs of DARFUR being raped and hounded out of their burnt homes, same burning used in India and Europe, you cannot be duped into trusting this sadist racist savage: "Never read such an array of racist fascist bollocks in my life!"

As we didnt know about Danish savagery as we did about France, it is these barbaric criminal who is keeping us in "ignorance" as she is sadistically gloating as she says our truth, "has provided me with a very entertaining afternoon!"

2:26 PM  
Blogger TruthJusticePeaceProsperity said...

Instead of making the apple pie bigger, the multiplying muslim pigs of India and Europe have been plundering what little everyone has and spreading lies and hate all around. Do they deserve our money even as we have
given milllions already to the pakki islamofascists? Heck no!

We can give them more sympathy if they turn in the criminals of all the past jihadi/terrorist savagery.

The ball is clearly in their court. We are waiting for them to turn in binLaden and other pakki ISI savage honchos to the Hague right immediately. Only then, we can feel any sympathy towards their so-called suffering in the aftermath of quake of the illegally occupied PoK though their accoounts might well be mostly hype and spin, as they are past experts in such serial lies after serial mass murders.

Till then, we will boycott fakistan and her business by economic sanctions as even Syrians are more civilized and less savage-like and even Charles Taylor exported less anarchy into neighboring nations and surely didnt thrive on nuclear black market as the pakkis have.

2:39 PM  
Blogger TruthJusticePeaceProsperity said...

India has seen far too many 9-11's, 3-11's and 7-7's from Jinah driven riots. Now it is her neighbor about to get more riches with $5 bil with lot of military style tents and helicopters to be used againt India soon, however tragic the quake was. Why not make them take IMF/WB loan that India did after tsunami? Why not get super rich arabs to pay for most of it? Why mostly non-muslims? Why support hate-mongers and war mongers of Pakistan who have some of the worst types of anti-socials like Charles Taylor exporting anarchy and nuke tech globally, like Hitler with military rule, like Milasovic doing genocidal cleansing of Kashmir pundits, like Saddam corruptly building personal largesse at public's expense ?

It is not from poverty that jihadi-ism springs. Poor Jains, Budhists, Dalits of India dont commit serial global crimes, only the jihadis do, rich or poor. In fact, India has 440+ mil incredibly poor, largely Hindus who are fine citizens but it is the muslims who are the most powerful and rich as Dr Ambedkar noted pretty long ago.

Please be advised that the rapes and serial mass murders in India are mainly by muslims (now some by Hindus or Christians with general lowered STANDARDS) who also largely indulge in trafficking in women, drugs, counterfeit, guns...etc.

The historic ' maoist' savagery is now traced to links with ||islamist|| nexus. Here is a news item as clear and solid evidence to back up this news item just about a week ago.
3 held for supplying arms to Naxals Mangalore, Oct 14: The Anti-Rowdy Squad (ARS) here has arrested three persons on the charge of supplying weapons to Naxals in Andhra Pradesh, a top police official said. The arrested were identified as B Venkatareddy, a native of Kodad village near Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh, Mohammed Sayyad of Malur in Kolar district... When interrogated, they revealed that they were proceeding towards Palakkad in Kerala to purchase weapons. The accused had been supplying weapons to Naxal (maoist/communist) groups for the past four years, he said, adding that Reddy was involved in many cases in Andhra Pradesh and wanted by police there.
Published: Friday, October 14, 2005

The permanent underclass in India are the non-violent DALITS/outcasts that you and others like you have long neglected, not the generally violent muslims. Watch out! You may end up supporting lawless anti-nationals. Ie why we need to investigate more why even the Dalits are being turned violent and how you all failed letting down the Dalits, endangering the whole society and specifically the Dalits whose rights have been usurped by the jihadis with your help.

We should re-read the full story, as here below:=
"CUDDALORE, OCT. 28. The Cuddalore police claim to have busted a fundamentalist outfit — Manitha Neethi Pasarai (MNP) located at Nellikuppam — which has been allegedly converting Dalits into Islam and imparting training to them in handling weapons and martial arts.
The police have rounded up 15 persons... and seized from them long sickles, **foreign-made**daggers, cellphones (one having Arabic names and numerals), audio and video cassettes, an amplifier, a binocular, a camera, digital diaries, incriminating documents and Rs. 85,000 (in the denomination of Rs. 500).
But the masterminds, Khaja Mohideen (45) of Neyveli and Abdul Khani of Keezhakarai have escaped."
The moral or lesson to be learned is this:=
1. There is clear arab CONNECITON/LINK.
2. Many are fugitives of the law hiding in rat holes of other islamofascists.

Given the enormity of issues faced by the voiceless and vulnerable billion of India who continue to be under neo-mogul rule making the very oppressors rich by multiplier effect. I thought you are running an objective forum. Those who escaping justice needs to be exposed an djailed, those who are manipulating the decent Indian citizens need to be brought in line. I hope you understand the gravity of the situation. I benefited from the quote - the immortal words of Victor Hugo - “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.”

Please disseminate the rapes and serial mass murders in India mainly by muslims (assisted by Hindus or Christians in some cases) who also indulge in trafficking in women, drugs, counterfeit, guns...etc. The historic 'maoist' savagery has been now linked to islamist ties.

We should disseminate the msg of boycott of and jailing of islamofascists and their main sponsors in fakistan's intel agency called ISI.

4:36 PM  
Blogger TruthJusticePeaceProsperity said...

Fact: We cant stop learning from the lessons that Indians learnt the hard way;
Fact: Over-tolerant Indians have been too nice, too generous and too trusting as well;
Fact: Basic tenet of hate-mongering islamofascists is that of viral growth till they become a parasitic vermin eating your body, mind and soul - India is in that pandemic of viral affliction - almost irreversible expanding Caliphate with more talebans inside India than outside, more muslims women in burqahs and more Hindu women being raped often and de-cultured with no mark on their foreheads wearing islamist dress not sarees these days - more than at any other time in history;
Fact: Indian case study proves barbarism of muslim villains with **excessive rights** beyond any doubt can spread and prevail in any tolerant country like India or region like BALI of Indonesia, making them SOFT TARGETS for serial mass murders;
Fact: We were mistaken about the secular Saddam for, it is the pakkis that needed the "regime change";
Fact: Just because India and Indians have made so many mistakes all in favor of islamofascists of fakistan, India and bangladesh, we dont want to do the same mistakes in the West;
Fact: Like in ROSE/ORANGE/LILLY revolutions of former USSR, we can defeat islamofascists by exposing their lies, hype and spin;
Fact: It is our moral duty to defend and protect the vulnerable Indians who have supported us by sweat, blood and tears in many peace-keeping missions, WW-I AND II, BOXER asault on our missionaries in China where even pregnant lady and her teen daughter were butchered by chinese savages;
Fact: It is our shrewdness, savvy, moral rectitude and uprightness that will make us think twice before giving more funds to the hate-mongers of fakistan and giving in to their lies, hype and spin;
Fact: It is our moral obligation to save and safeguard interests of timid, gullible and noble Indians who are both vulnerable and voiceless, who have supported just cause all over the globe including versus APARTHEID, PALESTINE ISSUE...etc etc - by hard currency in dollars...

5:06 PM  
Blogger TruthJusticePeaceProsperity said...

If you have excess money and feel generous, give it to AFRICANS/INDIAN HINDUS/LATIN NATIVES. Out of nearly 880+ mil WORLD POOR, about 440+mil are in India, 100+mil are in Latin America and the rest in Africa and other places. Estimated poverty in India ranges anywhere from 25% to fully 66% and that is why, I quoted the midlling fraction of close to 50% 440+mil out of 1000mil/billion.

Even U.N has been remiss in not heeding to poverty, hunger and disease of the world but keeps drumming the so-called quake conditions of the wily pakkis who keep begging for more and more when they have been given enough, have more than sufficient resources and have many fulthy rich UMMAH/islamist brotherhood naitons. Remember the pakkis got a sports stadium from LIBYANs? Copying the catholics and other evenagelists, the arabs including kuwaits are pouring money into missionary conversion assaults both in Indian and Central Asia and) they might as well spend money on quake pakkis. Let us disseminate msg of stop funding hatred in the pakki and other islamofascist minds. We need to advise them taking of IMF/ADB/WB loan.

5:24 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

WSJ (Oct 31): Every time India is tested by terror, it characteristically responds by talking tough but doing nothing...Mr. Singh is the latest in a succession of weak, aging prime ministers ... failure to formulate a prudent counterterror strategy backed by firm resolve.

Full Text:
India on the Frontline
Brahma Chellaney. Wall Street Journal Oct 31, 2005. pg. A.17

The Indian capital has faced several major acts of terror since the 1980s, but the serial bombings targeting festival shoppers over the weekend were the deadliest yet, leaving at least 61 dead. Yet India is responding typically to the latest horror -- with brave words that can do little to hide its lack of both a coherent counter-terrorism strategy and the political will to go beyond mere reprobation.

The latest bombings -- crude in their indiscriminate targeting of civilians and sophisticated in their synchronization -- were carried out at the start of Diwali, the country's main festival holiday, to maximize the effect. Although an obscure underground Kashmir outfit has claimed responsibility, there is widespread suspicion that the attacks were masterminded by Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based, al Qaeda-linked group labeled a terrorist organization by India and the United States. The attacks occurred on the same day that a New Delhi court had been scheduled to sentence six convicted Pakistani members of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and their Indian associates for involvement in a previous terrorist attack.

The bombers have driven home a political message: India, despite its rising international profile, is powerless to stop terror attacks. By audaciously carrying out bombings right under the nose of the Indian government, the terrorists may also be seeking to rattle foreign investors and undermine India's booming economy. The bombings also have the potential to undercut the credibility of the bureaucrat- turned-prime minister, Manmohan Singh, and constrict his leeway in the ongoing peace process with Pakistan.

Mr. Singh is the latest in a succession of weak, aging prime ministers whose absence of decisive leadership over the years has resulted in the failure to formulate a prudent counterterror strategy backed by firm resolve. Increasingly, terrorism has been treated as a law-and-order issue requiring more policing. To regard terrorism as a law-and-order problem is to do what the terrorists want -- to sap your strength. No amount of security can stop terrorism if the nation is reluctant to go after terrorist cells and networks and those that harbor extremists.

The Indian and U.S. responses to terrorism are a study in contrast. No Americans have been killed by terrorists in the United States since 9/11 because the U.S. military has gone after terrorists overseas. India, in contrast, has suffered its biggest terrorist strikes since 9/11, including attacks on the national Parliament, the Kashmir legislature, the 17th-century Red Fort, three major Hindu temples and several military camps.

Every time India is tested by terror, it characteristically responds by talking tough but doing nothing. New methodology employed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's Office of Terrorism Analysis shows India has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of terrorist incidents.

India has become such a happy hunting ground for terrorists that several major acts of international terror have first been tried out against Indian targets before being replicated in Western democracies. They include attacks on symbols of state authority, midair bombing of a commercial jetliner and coordinated strikes on a city transportation system. In using India as a laboratory, the jihadists have been guided by the logic that if the world's largest democracy can be shaken, so can others.

For instance, the 1988 Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, replicated the midair bombing over the Atlantic of an Air India commercial flight from Canada in 1985. The same Air India bombing technique was also used in the Libyan-orchestrated attack on a UTA jetliner in 1989, which blew up in midair over the Sahara.

The 1993 Bombay bombings, which targeted India's financial institutions and left hundreds dead, have served as a model act of mass terror to international jihadists. The Bombay bombings, according to Indian Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee, were "eerily similar in modus operandi and targets to 9/11 in their synchronized, serial character and targeting of state and economic symbols."

Parallels have also emerged between the 1999 hijacking to Kandahar, Afghanistan, of Indian Airlines flight IC-814 and the 9/11 hijackings, including the similar use of box-cutters and the terrorists' knowledge of cockpit systems. Long before the London and Madrid bombings, terrorists had staged coordinated attacks on city trains and buses in India.

Transnational terrorists see India as an easy target because it imposes no costs on them and their sponsors. If any state strikes deals with terrorists, it not only promotes stepped-up terrorism against its own interests but also creates problems for other nations.

A classic case was India's ignominious surrender, on Dec. 31, 1999, to the demands of hijackers holding passengers aboard an Indian commercial jetliner at Kandahar in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. In a surrender unparalleled in modern world history, Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh personally chaperoned three jailed terrorists to freedom in a special aircraft. One of the freed terrorists, Ahmed Omar Sheik -- a British citizen of Pakistani descent -- went on to help finance the 9/11 attacks.

For India, the chickens dramatically came home to roost when evidence on the December 2001 attack on parliament revealed the involvement of one of the terrorists hand-delivered in Kandahar -- Masood Azhar, who had formed the Jaish-e-Muhammad group in Pakistan.

What India needs is a concerted, sustained campaign against the forces of terror. But what Prime Minister Singh has offered are only words to comfort the nation. If India fails its latest test, it will only be a matter of time before the terrorists strike again at a place and time of their choice.
Given such a grave situation of constant threat and danger that Indians are living under and persistent threat and risk of rape and dishonor the Indian women in the streets face daily, should we not challenge, confront and question the pakki and other spin mistresses?
Let us read the notorious MALLAPURAM area where those arab donated swords were used to butcher several Hindus by islamists who were then rewarded with nice housing as a "rehab" measure by the Government!!!...!!
Death sentence for rape and murder
Malappuram (Ker), Oct 31: A Fast Track Court here today sentenced a man to death after convicting him of rape and murder of a 12-year-old schoolgirl last year.

According to prosecution 21-year-old Aboobacker committed the crime after luring the 7th standard student to a construction site near her school at Areembra on September eight last year.

After outraging her modesty and killing her, the accused had also hidden the body at the site which remained isolated at that time as the workers were away.

In all 44 witnesses were examined in the case. (Agencies)
Published: Monday, October 31, 2005
#Delhi CM alarmed over spurt in rape cases

Patna, Oct 20: Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit today voiced serious concern over rise in cases of rape in the national capital and said special measures were being taken to tackle the problem.

"I am deeply concerned about sudden rise in incidents of rapes in Delhi. A large number of women police personnel are being posted in police stations so that victims feel free to inform them about their problems" Dikshit, who was here to campaign for Secular Democratic Front candidates in Bihar assembly elections told reporters.

She also stressed the need for training women in self-defence and said since there was influx of lakhs of people fro outside every year, the local police faced problems but no efforts were being spared to effectively check rapes.
Headscarf defeat riles French Muslims
Nov 03, 2005 BBC Posted by India
Rioting in a Paris suburb has highlighted discontent among French youths of foreign origin, many of whom
define themselves through Islam.

As part of a series on French Muslims, the BBC News website's Henri Astier reports on the impact of the headscarf ban.
What can be more casual and worse bizzare excuse for the savage islamofascists to commit murders and massive destruction of others' property? Do they deserve our sympathy, pity or empathy let alone our money? There are far worthier causes on earth to fund - surely not the cause of the hate-mongering blighters and savage blokes, and barbaric officials of military theocracy that fakistan is.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

@ Ark:

>30 to 40 kids, worse things
>happen in the city I live in on a
>regular basis.

You seem to have the oppinion that because you live in a hellhole, other people shouldnt care when their neighbourhood goes to hell.

Please allow us to disagree.

>If they can't deal with 40 kids
>tops, that says how weak they
>truly are.

Kiddie gloves. But you are right - we have let a problem grow that we havent prepared to tackle.

>Aren't the mean immigrant
>neighborhoods the source of the
>tough men that won WWII for the
>US? Or aided in that part?
>Mythologized in every growing up
>poor, street smart and strong

Key being "myth". Hollywood is an immigrant business. People tend to tell the stories they know from their own experience or from those that are close to them.

You will notice that the people opting out of the military now, that a war is on are the exact same "tough" men you speak about. Those staying in are those from rural areas, small towns etc.

>But hey, their muslim so
>screw 'em.

As long as they are moslems in their own homes, its nobodys business. Its when it has a negative impact on everybody else that it becomes a problem.


3:27 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...


>Its unfortunate that many law-
>abiding Muslims living in Europe
>are being demonized by a tiny
>minority of young boys with lots
>of misdirected angst.

Nazis were a minority of the German population during WWII, too.

Some nazis were "good" nazis, too - one leaked the order to deport the Jewish minority of Denmark to the death camps, meaning we were able to get them out of the country before the nazis struck.

Doesnt mean turning Europe over to Nazi Germany during WWII would have been a good idea.


3:34 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

@ Ark:

>Though to be honest, in the us it
>has nothing to do with religion.

And the reference to "our" prophet?


3:37 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

There is no legal consequence to the continuing islamist criminality in India specifically and elsewhere generally. With no disincentives, islamofascism grows to unlimited viral extents with boundless animal freedom.

India is now being ruled by neo-colonial anti-Indians who are again too nice to the wolves like kalam who was given the top job of the President by the Hindu BJP who trusted kalam too much to do the right thing but got only more betrayal one more time. Hence, you cannot expect any help in draining the swamp there. BJP could have helped us better in fighting the terrorists.

If Indians miss the wolf pack in
their living rooms, there is no reason we in the West should too.

6:24 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

India is perhaps "the most tolerant nation on the planet, in terms of tolerance toward" alien cultures including conversion assaults by fanatic catholics, other bigoted evangelists and now dangerous muslim "missionaries".

"Those teenaged fools "rioting" in Aarhus, secure and comfortable in" India's "cradle-to-grave social, educational, and healthcare networks BADLY need a taste of rough living, such as in a refugee camp in the Middle East or in the mountains of Turkey" or fakistan's quake prone illegally grabbed PoK, so-called fakistan occupied Kashmir. All 'teenaged fools' are being subverted to the jihadi cause - be it Kashmir or Paris where child soldiers are aplenty ready to do the bidding of binLadens and pakki-ISI honchos secure in their kushy cozy luxury homes from where orders for the next savagery, often by **suicide missions by teens** is sent out. Often, leftists including anti-globalists of the world serve the same slavish errand boy role...

6:40 AM  
Blogger JusticeFromTruthANDProsperityFromPeace said...

Indian talebans are only a little short of the creation of a governmental department to 'discourage vice and encourage virtue'. Mullahs of India - like those of others in the world - have had the full time job of “the protection of Islamic values and traditions according to the rules laid down by the Prophet 1400 years ago."

Now what are these values? Some of them are, quran sanctioned
1. beating of wives for any violation, be it however minor,
2. pedophilia - evidence given on these very pages,
3. bedding with any woman in or outside the marriage to sow your seeds - [Hindu women watch out],
4. public beheading or amputation even for minor crimes of working in Iraq like how the 15 Nepalis in Iraq got beheaded..etc.
Ie why Iraqi women are fighting hard to prevent Sharia from getting into their Constitution that is being drafted but that is what is practised in India!!.!

Here in USA on July 31st Sunday TV-shows, there was Zakaria begging [by sly extortion mafia tactics] for more money for the muslim villains that he called "disaffected youths."
Much like what Mr N Sarcozy of France is being forced to agree to - more wealth for the criminals of France. Are there not disaffected youths" among Hindus or Buddhists
or Christians? Do they destroy and disrupt as much as the muslim villains do? Clearly no.

While the Hindus have generally broad perceptions, accept different others with open minds, playing big role in reforms, always pushing the envelope, being the engine of Indian Rennaissance, you dont have anything close to that among muslim villains. The villains are always ready to choose every savage stunt into the streets and pretend there is no problem with islam, let alone domestic or child abuse and they are the victims like the Mr Ramadan said today on BBC!.!!

What can Hindus do to stop the further creepy/sneaky
talibanization of more of your states? Westerners have been tolerating obnoxiously tricky criminality there in India, assuming it is minor if it is in India not affecting us or our stress level.

Can you tolerate more talibanization and more criminalization of your politics, like the opening up the Indian ancient pre-christ spiritual paths to savage forces of stone age islam and medieval age catholicism?

Keep in mind, "Islam is what Muslims believe and do" - hence the duplicity and complicity in serial mass murders generally called genocidal pogroms as in Kshmir ethnic cleansing of PUNDITS, Kerala eviction/conversion/subverion of native pre-christ culture, same now in Assam.

Not just serial mass murders, but 'multiplicity' of crimes like - rape, plunder, extortion, smuggling, trafficking...etc. etc.

Concrete ACTION PLAN is needed to rush and help the weak billion of India and Nepal who have for long been the subject and victims of centuries of the most heinous and egregious types of genocides, war-crimes and crimes against humanity. The savage and barbaric islamofascists there need to be hauled to the Hague for proper justice and long jail terms.

8:10 AM  
Blogger JusticeFromTruthANDProsperityFromPeace said...

If you go back to basics of the original posting here, you will find that it was the Bosnian savage whose buddies worked to destroy
* the lives,
* the livelihhods and
* the very way of life of
the Serb Christian victims of albanian religious hatred and savage usurpation of power and lands. [Ref "Came to Denmark in 1993 with the rest of his family as Bosnian refugees. F. Female, in her 20s. Hails supposedly from Georgia. Living in Greater Copenhagen, and married to E. Has close relations with A, B, C and D"

APPARENTLY A SUBVERTED FOOL - attended the same mosque in Copenhagen
According to several media born in Serbia, but moved to Sweden in 1994. Adherent to wahabbism. Appears according to the Bosnian paper Slobodna Bosna in a video as a future suicide bomber with the British or American embassy in Sarajevo as its target].

You all remember we were the ones that gave easy refugee status to all these savages thinking the SERBS were to blame and now you know it is these savage islamofascists would create the same condition of barbaric hostility for Milasovic or any other leader to take tough and stern actions, no matter where they live - whether it is Timbuktu or Buenos Sires, Argentina.

The Brits have the option of DEPORTATION but Milasovic had no such option.

8:29 AM  
Blogger JusticeFromTruthANDProsperityFromPeace said...

Referring to this quote from Irfan Husain at Dawn of fakistan's news media,
"Over the years, Pakistanis going abroad have often been involved in a host of shady activities ranging from illegal immigration to drug smuggling. Hundreds of thousands of them have wanted nothing more than a chance to make a decent living for themselves and their families. But this understandable impulse has seen them adopt ingenious and often desperate methods to enter foreign countries. Other Pakistanis have enriched themselves by smuggling heroin and marijuana into the West. Still others are running profitable scams by claiming benefits from social security. A London paper recently printed details about the Sindh governor's allegedly false claims to housing and support while living in the UK.

These dubious and downright criminal activities have made Pakistanis unpopular visitors."

The islamist contribution to India is also all negative being only to the crime statistics of India! Enough of colonial crums of alien christian and muslim cultures dominating your political scene for so many centuries! Same illegal smuggling or trafficking is true in the case of most albanians that Serb Christian victims complained long about and you didnt care to listen to.

And the same thing is happening at a very large scale all over India, to which you are not paying any serious attention and may well implode affecting you, me and everybody else, some way or other.

8:34 AM  
Blogger JusticeFromTruthANDProsperityFromPeace said...

The final conclusion is that
-----> Inaction is not an option; for, the risks and dangers of inaction are way too much and the stakes are far too high, just as the SERBS AND HINDUS have been reduced to NOTHING by excessive tolerance to islamist savage antics who with their BBC/NPR-media, catholic and other leftist buddies endlessly work to destroy
* your lives,
* your livelihoods and
* your very way of life,
whether you are a liberal enlightened and evolved Christian or a progressive pluralistic Hindu or a timid and noble Buddhist of Thailand/SriLanka/Mongolia.

Latter have been victims of islamist religious hatred and savage usurpation of power and lands, too. Only oyu dont hear much about it. Just do a GOOGLE search on it.

There is no foreseeable chance that the catholic bureacracy stuck in the middle ages, would come to their senses and begin sharing their civilizing gospel with the savage islamofascists in order to urbanize or humanize them. You have more optimism?

8:50 AM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

There is a constant threat of violent attacks to anything non-islamic,
Thai districts put under martial law
The Associated Press

BANGKOK Thailand on Thursday imposed martial law in two Muslim-dominated districts of its insurgency-wracked south, a day after Islamic separatists staged a new show of strength with bombings that blacked out a provincial capital.

"The insurgents have used the districts of Chana and Thepha in Songkhla to hide weapons used to instigate violence and also extend violent attacks to the area," the general said in a statement declaring martial law as of 10 a.m. local time Thursday.
.. BANGKOK Thailand on Thursday imposed martial law in two Muslim-dominated districts of its insurgency-wracked south, a day after Islamic separatists staged a new show of strength with bombings that blacked out a provincial capital."
Hence, it is extremely urgent that the violent extremists of Islam are contained, if not controlled fully.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

WHY NOT ASK THESE UNCIVILIZED THUGS TO BORROW MONEY FROM IMF/WB? Yes, that is an excellent idea. Besides, with what financial burden we already have, from HURRICANE KATRINA, WILMA, Central American Floods, Avian Flu..etc
- our commitments are too heavy and resources are way over- stretched, as it is, without having to carry the burden of some violent extremists who have done nothing but harm to us for many years now, if not decades.

No one in the whole wide world has any problem with the Hindus, Buddhists or Jains but everyone has many problems with the islamofascists who are loathed, reviled, condemned and resented all across the globe because of their abominable behavior and attitude, as they convey their hate and
contempt towards us via their savage murders, arsons and rapes, let alone lies, plunder and theft.

The fact that the Hindus are now powerless to change anything was the cruel legacy of Gandhi and have been ever since. I find Gandhi was a ''institutionalising enforcer'. If you think of the ruin of his own nation
he wreaked thus on his own people during his time and forever moving forward, you would realize
no other individual has single-handedly done so much harm and damage to his own people as this
phony mahatma.

If not for his 'institutionalised' serial mass murders of Hindus [initiated by Jinah and perfected
by other islamists who could not be happier with this limitless freedom to kill at will],
bestowed on them by a pacifist sounding mahatma [who preached non-violence only for Hindus and
Jews not for believers or Hitler], the current deeply entrenched persistent culture of street
violence could have been dealt with official 'enforcers', namely the police and the courts of law.

Comparison between the cruel past and the wicked present is inevitable. It is incredibly easy to visualize illegitimate dumping of illegitimate children of Fakistan was a superb trick of the mahatma in a state of half undress that passed as true indian while western attired Pitroda passes off as a tech savvy technocrat.

Misusing and abusing the excess clout that the cult worship of the masses gave him, Gandhi has, in effect, ruined India forever and ever, irrevocably. His advocacy of non-violence was as hollow as his adherence to truth, making him just as guilty as the serial mass murderers he enabled themselves and the murders heallowed to happen right in front of his own eyes, be it Moplah pogrom or Naokali massive slaughter. (The very same type of ANTI-HINDU, ANTI-SEMITIC and ANTI-WEST islamists, are being loathed the world over, notorious in every corner of the globe as villains committed to using violence as a political tool).

I imagine the millions of criminals and the hundreds of p-sec spin machinists, that he helped get hardened by his Frankenstein techniques have now gotten ever more wilder, leaving the masses ever more vulnerable, thanks to the pseudo-Gandhism he practiced. That is the basic reason the evil-doers have been dominating them for a pretty long time using violence as political tool. Only one other Hindu was so pseudo-Gandhian - the one who sent him to heaven - or is it hell?

Look at the far reaching implications of his dalliance with truth and women. His experiments with truth were as untrue, inconsistent with the violent on-ground-reality, having been a total failure. (Other experiments with naked women half their age, have been the successful precursors to be copied by bollywood islamist actors, acting as citizens, are now dancing with Hindu women half their age in privacy we cant be privy to).

Just because a [phony] mahatma promoted, encouraged or ignored serial mass murders all over India, it doesn't make it right as evident from the morally reprehensible new breed of p-sec p-Gandhians that are running just as wild creating more Frankenstein monsters, resulting in worse sorts of cultural, religious and political imperialism that neo-colonialists ruling India now represent.

His duplicity or complicity in such violence is so very self-evident that the violence unleashed in many streets and towns **right** after Gandhi's death proved how more savagely anti-Hindu anti-national, the anti-gandhian monsters he had created, all along had been with the least bit of ahimsa/Gandhism in them.

From the grim/gruesome angle, it has *now* made it too incredibly hard for Indian patriotic leaders to undo or halt the ever worsening and near-permanent damage and criminal mind-set of the minority all in the name of Gandhism that only the Hindus pursue and follow with no revenge attacks to the most recent Delhi serial blasts of 29 Oct. 2005 or recent Mau riot killing fields where a Sanskrit school was burnt to ashes among other serial mass murders or any of the zillion other savagery earlier centuries.

There is a constant threat of violent attacks on anything non-islamic. Hence, it is extremely urgent that the violent extremists of Islam are contained, if not controlled fully.

3:20 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Miriam is indeed right as we cannot take chances with our own lives and future at the hands of the authority figure, namely the Governments the world over that are either unable or unwilling (or both) to help us in preventing being attacked.

I saw the continued arson in the streets of France, many towns, hunbdreds of vehicles, homes and even schools turned to ashes much like the Sanskrit school of India burnt to ashes. My sympathy to both the Indian and French victims of islamist continuing hatred.

What part of being civilized citizens the islamofascists don't understand? That is a simple question.

There are millions of poor and even discriminated Buddhists of Sri Lanka, Hindus of Bali and India, and so on. That does not make them savage barbarians. Indeed they are not. They are all civilized law-abiding citizens living on hope not on free hand-outs or violence as political tool, as the islamofascists are.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

I got an interesting news item hot from the oven of Int'l news media,
Compel The General
We should repay Pakistan in kind for acts of terrorism it perpetrates on our soil. India has to apply pressures on Pakistan diplomatically and covertly that compel General Musharraf to change his ways.
| e-mail | one page format | feedback: send - read |

Some years ago a former Director General of the ISI was asked at a Seminar in Islamabad what the principal objective of the ISI was. He replied: "Our aim is to weaken India from within and we can do it". While most Indians wrongly believe that the main aim of the ISI is to seek Pakistani control of Jammu & Kashmir, the ISI has a larger agenda. Its aim is to see the disintegration of India, so that Pakistan can emerge as the most powerful entity in the subcontinent. This is sought to be achieved by aiding separatist movements across India and using our other neighbours like Nepal and Bangladesh to infiltrate terrorist elements operating not just in Kashmir, but also in Punjab and our northeastern states.

The ISI has used the Lashkar e taiba, an organization that openly proclaims that "Hindus, Christians and Jews" are the "enemies of Islam" and that it wishes to unfurl the green flag of Islam over the Red Fort, to spread terrorist violence in India. The Lashkar has been assisted to set up cells for terrorist violence across India and especially in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Delhi remains a critical centre for such ISI infiltration and terrorist violence. The recent bomb blasts in Delhi are the natural outcome of this policy.

General Musharraf is going through a difficult time. His government has faced international criticism for its inept response in providing relief to those affected by the recent earthquake in both Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) and in the Northwest Frontier Province. There is deep public resentment within Pakistan at his administration's response to the human tragedy the country has faced. NATO forces are now stationed in POK and the large foreign presence makes it difficult for him to reopen the terrorist camps that suffered some, but not total damage during the earthquake.

In these circumstances the morale of the ISI backed Jihadis has to be kept up by showing that India can still be "weakened from within" by terrorist strikes at the very centre of India's national capital. It matters little if the terrorist strike was carried out by the Babbar Khalsa or by the Lashkar-e-Taiba with assistance from its Al Qaeda affiliates. The ISI has worked for years to bring about a measure of coordination between the remnants of the Babbar Khalsa (Sikh terrorists) now living in Lahore and Faisalabad (of Pakistan) and groups like the Lashkar e Taiba.

The UPA government must take a substantial measure of blame for giving the impression in Pakistan and indeed internationally that the so called "peace process" will continue uninterrupted even if Pakistan continues promoting terrorism. The Communist allies of the UPA government must take an equal share of the blame as the only occasion that they condemn terrorist violence is when one of their leaders like Mohammed Tarigami is attacked.

The thoughtless and populist repeal of POTA at a time when countries across the world are making their terrorist laws more stringent reflects the actions of a government that just does not understand the seriousness of the terrorist challenge we face. Further, ever since the UPA government assumed office there has been a reluctance to strongly make our resentment known to the world community about the dangerous dimensions of continuing cross-border terrorism. We seem to believe that continuing the dialogue process with Pakistan at any cost is more important than exposing Pakistan's continuing support for terrorism.

There are no shortcuts to dealing with Pakistan. Tough new anti-terrorism laws have to be enacted making gruesome acts of terrorism punishable with a mandatory death sentence. We should repay Pakistan in kind for acts of terrorism it perpetrates on our soil. More importantly, a clear message needs to be sent to the world community and particularly to the United States that unless groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba that are now establishing a strong presence in POK (i.e. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) through their relief work for earthquake victims, are effectively banned and their Headquarters in Muridhke shut down, we will not discuss the Kashmir issue with Pakistan. New Delhi also has to strengthen its intelligence presence in countries like Saudi Arabia that serve as a focal point for attempts to subvert Indian nationals and get them to act in collaboration with terrorists groups like the Lashkar.

Both Mr. Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh have shown a strange propensity in believing that General Musharraf is a "changed man" and that he has reduced levels of cross-border terrorism. General Musharraf has no intention of ever ending support for terrorism against India unless circumstances force him to do so. With over 80000 soldiers deployed to fight the Al Qaeda along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border he has, for the present, to regulate levels and forms of terrorism to avoid adverse international reactions and possible Indian retribution.. India has to apply pressures on Pakistan diplomatically and covertly that compel General Musharraf to change his ways. This objective cannot be achieved merely by praising General Musharraf,...
G. Parthasarathy is a former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan. This article, in its Hindi translation, appears in the Outlook Saptahik dated November 14, 2005.
How the anti-Hindu ruling party is dancing with the savagely wild pakkis!? (Parentheses are mine).

5:17 PM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

Yet another hot news item (by a christian) that clearly and over-whelmingly proves beyond any doubt how the catholics like their bizzare bed-mates, the islamofascists - have sought to ruin Hindus and their way of life by destroying their temples - place of worship by denying them the most basic right to worship.
An emerging trend in the Kerala Christian, Muslim historiography
Distorting to claim a mythical history
Dr. C.I. Issac
November 06, 2005

Similarly, the Muslims of Kerala were a peace loving national community until the days of the expeditions of Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan. Thereafter, they were forced to transform themselves into fanatics. The seeds of fanaticism that were sowed by the Mysorian invaders were reaped in the bumper harvest during the days of the Mopla Riot of 1921 (Malabar Riot). The Muslim fanatics who were at the front of the Hindu massacre during the course of the Malabar Riot are now christened as freedom fighters and comrades, respectively, by the Right and Left coalitions of Kerala.

All these encroachments or forceful occupations of temples and temple lands have taken place mostly in eight locations wherein Thomas is claimed to have established churches in the first century. The aim behind the forceful occupation of Hindu temples and temple lands for the construction of churches is to historicise the arrival of Thomas and to thus claim a tradition and aristocracy for the Christian community of Kerala.
That most of the claimed places of the eight churches were located either on the ruins of old Hindu temples or near celebrated temples is a historical fact. One such famous church of this category now functioning at Malayattoor, near the birthplace of Adi Sankara, was till the date of the national independence a Siva temple. The revenue records of the old princely state of Travancore justify this fact. Now the Papacy has declared, in its spiritual as well as temporal capacity, that Malayattoor is an international pilgrim centre. What is the reasoning behind the interference in the sovereignty of India by an alien religious head, Pope? Has it happened with the concurrence of the king-making ‘Italian Catholic Lady’?

Since the days of the British the churches in Kerala were endowed with vast patches of royal lands and are financially sound institutions. Several Hindu temples including the one at Palayoor (Guruvayoor) were destroyed by the Christian fanaticism between the 16th and 17th continues. This temple destruction trend continued unabatedly in the old princely State of Travancore for a long duration. The last of such demolitions took place in 1950, by setting fire to the famous Sastha Temple at Sabrimalai. In the Malabar region it continued unabatedly until the resistance movement organised in 1969 under the organisational umbrella of Kshetra Smrakshna Samiti by the renowned freedom fighter K. Kelappan (Kelappajee).
The first organised temple destruction of Kerala took place in the 16th century under the stewardship of Francis Xavier, who was the architect of Inquisition in Goa—the first Christian fanatic of India.
(The author is the head of department and professor of History at CMS College, (Kerala) Kottayam. His Email- Web-
I remember how we fought and won the baptist attempts to convert us into christianity! Defeating "religious colonialism" is as critical as battling political colonialism.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

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2:52 AM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

'Apartheid mistresses like Botha, deClerk, nazi Hitler, fascist Mussolini and the kkk clan, the white supremacists were/are all christians too. (Tutu, Carter.. dont know a thing about the savage culture of Indian or Thai jihadis).

'Slaves of arabs are simply doing the bidding of their pimp madams in the muslim juvenile leagues..who in turn, are blindly obeying the orders of their pakki honchos, whose pay masters are the filthy rich arabs ready with another ship load of swords for the jihadi-land of Hindustan' or Thailand.

'The present type of 'secularism' in (France or) India cannot be defended as it is indefensible, unjust and inhumane. Hindus and Thais cant forever pretend to have normal lives nor their savage minority to be normal people. Do a google search on islamofascism, you will find a tonne of articles on the kind of spin, the is weaving. If he wants to wallow in the trap of slavery that the islamofascists has manufactured for his ilk, that islamofascism of arabs at the top of the hierarchy has planned for and for their servile pakki fascist spin mistresses to obey and impose on Indians' and Thais.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

If the Indian or the French take too long o wake to the stench of islamofascism, it might be then too late.

The present type of 'secularism' cannot be defended as it is indefensible, unjust and inhumane. Thais or Hindus cant forever pretend to have normal lives nor the minority to be normal people. Do a google search on islamofascism, you will find a tonne of articles on the kind of spin, these islamofascists web mistresses are weaving. If they wants to wallow in the trap of slavery that the islamofascists has manufactured for the french teen ilk, that islamofascism of arabs at the top of the hierarchy has planned for and for their servile pakki fascist spin mistresses to obey and impose on Indians.

Tolerance to the immigrants in A'lia
was about to cause 'catastrophic terrorism. In France, Mr Sarkozy's mere remarks was blamed for all the savage behavior of barbaric juveniles. We all have had enough. Boycott islamists business, like Rosa Parks started.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Miriam,the Concerned Jew said...

Correction: 'If the Thai or Indian or the French take too long to wake to the stench of islamofascism, it might then be too late.

The present type of 'secularism' cannot be defended as it is indefensible, unjust and inhumane. Thais or Hindus cant forever pretend to have normal lives nor take their minority to be normal people. (Do a google search on islamofascism, you will find a ton of articles on the kind of spin and webs of mass deception, these islamofascists are weaving. If they want to wallow in the trap of slavery that the islamofascist bosses have manufactured for the french teen ilk, or that of arabs at the top of the hierarchy has planned for their servile pakki fascist spin mistresses to obey and impose on Indians, it is time the victims of their religous hate, see the reality on the ground and boycott their trade, commerce and business so the fascists might learn harsh lessons the hard way. Clearly, it is time the 'scums and hoodlums' or 'thugs and assasins' of USA or the goondas and ultras of India are put in their place.

In France, Mr Sarkozy's mere remarks was blamed for all the savage behavior of barbaric juveniles. Tolerance to the immigrants in A'lia
was about to cause 'catastrophic terrorism.

We all have had enough. Boycott islamist business, the type of boycott with which boycott by Rosa Parks of USA was started.

3:42 PM  
Blogger VoicelessAndVulnerable said...

Starting from the news item,
LUCKNOW, MARCH 24: The US has refused entry to noted Shia cleric and vice-chairman of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Kalbe Sadiq. Sadiq, who landed at the Chicago airport on March 17, was detained at the airport and deported to London on March 19.

Talking to The Indian Express, his son Kalbe Husain said: ‘‘He was handed a piece of paper by the officials which listed INS section 235 (6) (1) related to terrorist activities. This was despite the fact that he held a multiple-entry visa which is due to expire in 2006.’’ Husain said his father has visited the US several times even after 9/11.//////////////

India's obscene plight can be directly traced to the jihadi culture and cowardice in not facing or stopping it squarely. Instead, we all have justified our numerous acts of savage violence (including burning of women and children Satara pilgrimage akin to Godhra genocide) against the very hosts that gave us room in India after partition, over and over again..

Post Godhra riots should serve as an example to all those jihadi fanatics and media extremists seeking to take law into their own hands as in Godhra, Mumbai twin blasts...etc . There is a system of accountability and even if the Indian political system has lost the backbone, there are individuals and organisations who have the determination to seek and relentlessly fight for justice.

It is these media extremists that have turned us into an international pariah and tried to shield the criminals from punishment for the crimes he had committed. But no, the muslim jingoists class sat back with the Muslim League leading vulgar campaigns in defence of jihadis.

PostGodhra riots must serve as a harsh lesson for those islamists who have played with Indian laws and Indian citizens. Indian democracy has been strengthened in the Godhra punishment process, not weakened.

Do Muslims deserve Indian citizenship? Are they worthy of being hosted by Hindus after the bloody partition? Have they proved themselves as good fits into the Hindustan's social fabric inspite of their savage violence that they have been committing over and over again in numerous riots including post Babri pogrom that killed close to 2000 innocent, got ten butchered for foul anti-muslim remarks of a distant American, Oct 2005 Delhi serial blasts...etc etc?

3:29 AM  
Blogger VoicelessAndVulnerable said...

Is it the business of the anti-secular hate-mongering mosque clerics and church clergy to keep instigating and inciting like Imam Bukhari did against us and meddling with our lives, livelihoods and very way of Sanatana life? (Imam Bukhari is still to get a day in court in spite of 15 arrest warrants againt him, while one case ofincitement got Kanchi seers in jail withour bail and perceived noton of incitement denied Honorable Doctor Togadia freedom of movement into Kerala and Assam).

Isn't time to examine whether we should continue with this failed experiment of pseudo-secularism or not? Isn't enough to have endured several centuries of one-sided violence resulting in elimination of rule of law and ending of every sign of social order and national security?

3:30 AM  
Blogger VoicelessAndVulnerable said...

Neo-mogul neo-colonialism is sought to be forced on us by repeated barbaric assaults beyond all reasonable limits. That anti-secular meddling has indeed been the basis of most ills of Hindustan where the whole world has a stake and communal harmony we dreamed on the day of 15 Aug 1947 seems more distant everyday. Bottomline for islamists is - it all about themselves - tell any lies o kill anyone to grab more and more for their greedy dishonest fascist haetful gangs - showing no remorse or shame or contrition.

Islamist greed does still cause poverty - arms race caused by war-mongering Pakistan that has upped the defense spending to sky high levels. Yes, India is "being invaded by Muslims today" by illegal migrants form both western and eastern borders. Parallel economy run by the islamists is partly the cause too. With no significant revenue, no Government can run its social programs well enough.

Read all this and more at
It is not only Paris that is burning .
Godhra burned and whole of India has been burning for several centuries now....

3:32 AM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Looking at how the french handled the burning Paris and other cities, it is easy to conclude they have been too soft and easy on the juvenile terrorists which word they expressly and explicitly opposed.

They were so slow perhaps out of the shock that they seem to have been paralyzed by the intensity and ferocity of the 'scums and hoodlums' who were having 'fun' and 'games' out of despair and hopelessless at the job situation while attending elementary school. (yes, there were many 12 year olds who burnt anything they could find in their after-school-hours as their funfull evening spectator sports).

Only other country that is so over-tolerant is India. No wonder Indians are the worst affected by jihadi politics. Only one President was elected from the untouchable Dalit caste while very many jihads have been crowned with the top post of India, the Presidency. Even the current one is an islamist enthroned or nominated by none other than the Hindu party, BJP!..!! In return, the HIndus more violence during this Presidency than during any other, including Mau riots, Delhi serial blasts...etc etc

8:30 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Bad guys of Bollywood
by: tilakrishi on Nov 10 2005
Fareena Raza comments:
on Nov 13 2005 3:47PM
Historically, the noble, gracious and gentle Hindus were cooked out to be villains of the movie make-believe world, the true criminals have been the islamists of bollywood who need to be brought ot trial for harsh sentences. One crook tops the list as the most wanted criminal - or is it unwanted? His story is one of horror movie:-

"Abu Salem Abdul Qayoom Ansari, better known as Abu Salem, made a cardinal mistake which proved to be his undoing: he attracted the attention of the post 9/11 United States.

He caught the eye of the American security and intelligence agencies when he started distress sale of his massive properties in the US immediately after 9/11 when the Americans were on the highest state of alert, security sources said today.

Abu Salem's steady ascension in D Company did not bother international terror-busters. The March 12, 1993 Mumbai blasts and the unravelling of Abu Salem's role in this carnage made him a household name
Abu Salem's activities can be broadly summed up as follows:

(i) Used to be a prominent henchman of Dawood Ibrahim and was in charge of D company's havala transactions till he split from Dawood.

(ii) Involved in the Mehsana RDX recovery case of December 1997.

(iii) Involved in the Gulshan Kumar murder case of August 1997, number DCP/CID, CR no 71/97.

(iv) Detained by the Dubai police in a cheating case .

INTERPOL Red Corner Alert Notice Number: A-103/3-1995

Abu Salem owned a business establishment in the name of "Kings of Car Trading" in Dubai (telephone numbers 350240 and 350035). He owned a Mercedes car with a registration number Dubai 4781. A case was registered against Salem in Dubai in the nineties for which he was arrested and later set free on bail.

He went to Pakistan in mid-1997 for making arrangements for the marriage of Dawood Ibrahim's brother Humayun.

Later, he went for Umrah with his family. Meanwhile, Dawood was able to persuade the Dubai authorities and the case was withdrawn. Salem returned to Dubai from Karachi in March 1998.

Like Chhota Shakeel, Abu Salem was one of the most trusted lieutenants of Dawood before his split with the don. The CBI's case, among other things, is that during the Mumbai blasts, Salem is supposed to have been the one who took weapons to Sanjay Dutt's house.

Salem is a notorious hitman. His name figures in the murder of music baron Gulshan Kumar. Vikram Vahi, alias Vicky, who was the one who actually pressed the trigger on instructions of Salem, was himself killed by Salem in Nepal.

Abu Salem was in close contact with the late Mirza Dilshad Beg, MP of Nepal, and used to direct him over the telephone to carry out activities of D company in Nepal. Salem owns two villas in Dubai of which one is used as residence and the other as a guest house. He is also a prominent drug smuggler who featured in the operation of Iqbal Mirchi having a lucrative network in the CIS and European countries."

2:45 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Another shocking revelation is that this criminal funded 9-11:
"Salem funded Atta's 9/11 suicide squad

Mafia don Abu Salem was not only involved in arranging arms and ammunitions for the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, he was also instrumental in providing funds to Mohammad Atta, the leader of al-Qaeda's 9/11 suicide squad of hijackers.

Investigations have revealed that Salem masterminded many sensational kidnappings in concert with Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islami and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT). Aftab Ansari, a key HuJI operative who masterminded the American Centre attacks in Kolkata provided men and logistics in selecting the targets.

It has now been revealed that the conspiracy to kidnap Partho Roy Burman, the owner of Khadim Shoes, Kolkata was hatched by Salem and Ansari. The duo extorted over US $100,000 for the safe release of Burman. Of this, Salem paid a substantial amount to Atta during his stay in Boston.

The Homeland Security department of the US is in possession of proof in this regard. The fact that Salem provided funds to Atta was also proved during the subsequent investigations launched by the FBI to identify the source of money arranged for the planning of the World Trade Centre attack.

When Indian intelligence briefed them, US authorities were not willing to believe that Salem was in the US and was on a property-buying spree in Florida, Miami and New York. But wiser after the 9/11 attack, the Americans helped Portugal Police in nabbing Salem and his wife Monica Bedi who were travelling with forged travel papers.

It is believed that the sensational kidnapping of two Rajkot (Gujarat) based diamond merchants Bhaskar Parikh and Paresh Shah was also planned by Salem and executed by Ansari. The Gujarat Police rescued Parikh in an encounter in Ahmedabad but the kidnappers managed to smuggle Shah to a hideout in Delhi and extorted crores of rupees for his safe release. The money allegedly went to Omar Sheikh Sayyed, the London educated hardcore HuJI terrorist.

These kidnappings were part of the bigger conspiracy hatched by LeT to fund terrorist activities in India. It would be pertinent to mention that LeT had also planned to kidnap Indian cricket icons Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly besides seeking the release of HuJI idealogue Nasrullah Langariyal now lodged in the high security Jodhpur jail. The conspiracy was however foiled by the timely action of Indian security agencies.

CBI, which is interrogating Salem is mulling whether to conduct narco-analytical or brain mapping tests to read the mind of the don who was privy to many conspiracies hatched the behest of his one time mentor Dawood and ISI handlers. Though Salem is talking to interrogators, there are chances that he may retract in court. By taking him for the brain-mapping test, the agency wants to build a tight case against Salem, sources in the CBI said on Sunday."

2:47 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Pak Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam
By: Hasan Mansoor
November 13, 2005

When a Hindu girl is converted to Islam, hundreds of extremists belonging to religious parties such as Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI), take to the streets and chant religious slogans
Karachi: An alarming trend — that of Muslims kidnapping Pakistani Hindu girls and forcing them to convert to Islam — in Pakistan’s Sindh province is forcing the worried resident Hindu community to marry off their daughters as soon as they are of marriageable age or to migrate to India, Canada or other nations.

Recently, at least 19 such abduction cases have occurred in Karachi alone, while several others have been reported in the media.

Sanao Menghwar, a Hindu resident of Karachi’s Punjab Colony, is a traumatised man; all three of his daughters —Aishwarya, Reena and Reema — have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam.

In the police complaint that he filed at the behest of the Panchayat after two days of futile searching for his daughters, he stated that when he and his wife returned home from work, they discovered their daughters had gone missing.

The police arrested three Muslim youths in connection with the crime, who were later granted bail by a court because they’re minors. Menghwar’s daughters continue to remain missing.

“Kidnapping Hindu girls like this has become a normal practice. The girls are then forced to sign stamp papers stating that they’ve become Muslims,” says Laljee Menghwar, a member of the Hindu Panchayat in Karachi.

According to him, the Pakistani government needs to examine and put a stop to the social oppression of religious minorities in the country. “Hindus here are too frightened to vent their anger — they fear victimisation. But we have now decided to go public with these cases and demand justice,” Laljee says. Their cause has found support in the Pakistani Christian community, who carried out a demonstration with them in Karachi, protesting against this crime.

Similarly startling incidents have occurred in several districts of Sindh and evoked identical responses. At least six Hindu girls met this fate a few months ago in Jacobabad (a tribal area heavily inhabited by Hindus) and Larkana districts.

Sapna, the daughter of one Seth Giyanchand, was recently taken to a shrine (Amrote in Shikarpur district) by Shamsuddin Dasti. Dasti, a Muslim friend of Sapna’s brother, is a married man and father of two.

Nevertheless, the custodian of the shrine, Maulvi Abdul Aziz lost no time in converting Sapna to Islam (her names was changed to ‘Mehek’) and marrying her to Dasti. The case came to light only when Sapna’s parents stated that their daughter hadn’t eloped but been abducted.

Human rights activists, such as Nuzhat Shirin who belongs to the Aurat Foundation, says that religious extremism is rapidly increasing in Jacobabad and other Sindh districts.

Extremists in turn encourage shrines, which are involved with forced conversions. When a Hindu girl is converted to Islam, hundreds of extremists belonging to religious parties such as Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI), take to the streets and chant religious slogans.

In Sapna’s case, when she was presented in court with Dasti, extremists showered rose petals on them and loudly chanted religious slogans. The fanaticism was so daunting that Sapna was too frightened to even speak with her own parents who were also present in the courtroom. At that, Maulvi Aziz, who was also standing in the courtroom, was said to have remarked, “How can a Muslim girl live and maintain contact with kafirs (infidels)?”

Sapna’s story sparked widespread demonstrations by the Hindu community. Presidents and mukhis of Panchayats from various towns and districts met in Jacobabad to discuss this serious issue. Activists and leaders from educated segments of society strongly criticised the role of religious leaders, like Maulvi Aziz, in these forced conversion cases.

Still, the threat of victimisation by Muslims is palpable; Shirin says when forced conversion cases make it to court, lawyers themselves avoid taking them up, fearing a backlash from maulvis.

Giyanchand meanwhile has said that he has no other option but to migrate to India — it will be difficult for him to find grooms for his other daughters because of Sapna’s controversial conversion.

And forced conversions are not the only problem that the Hindu minority (there are 2.7 million Hindus in Pakistan; Pakistan’s total population is 140 million) is facing in the country.

A powerful syndicate of bandits and patrons in the northern districts of Sindh regularly kidnap rich Hindus for ransom. They not kill hostages if the ransom doesn’t arrive on time, they even kill some despite their ransom being paid.

Sadham Chand Chawla, the former president of the Hindu Panchayat, Jacobabad, was abducted and murdered. His killers remain at large despite enormous protests. Following his murder, his family had received several threats until they secretly migrated to India.
The ethnic cleansing in fakistan or in Kashmir is a little known fact. Cleansing is forced by conversion, eviction or subversion - last is making non-believers as a part of a criminal gang, as Abu Salem of bollywood notoriety did.

2:53 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

The biggest holocaust in world history
Nov 12, 2005 India Cause Posted by India

According to Prof. K.S. Lal, the author of the Growth of Muslim population in India, the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD, the year Mahmud Ghazni invaded India and 1525 AD, a year before the battle of Panipat.

2:55 PM  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

The biggest holocaust in world history By V Jayaram
Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization, and sent whole nations to despair. Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now. Swami Vivekananda (1893)

With the invasion of India by Mahmud Ghazni about 1000 A.D., began the Muslim invasions into the Indian subcontinent and they lasted for several centuries. The Muslim invasions continued even when the Muslims were ruling India, like the invasion of the Mongols during the reign of the Khiljis or the invasion of the Mughals in the early sixteenth Century when the Lodis were ruling Delhi. The last notable invasion of the Muslims from outside was the invasion of Nadir Shah in 1739, during which he unleashed a great horror on the native population.

During these seven hundred years of Muslim invasions and their conquest and rule of India, the Hindus were the greatest sufferers. It is difficult to estimate the number of Hindus who lost their lives during these campaigns, the number of Hindus who lost their lives in the religious persecution perpetrated on the native population by the Muslim rulers or the number of Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam.

According to Prof. K.S. Lal, the author of the Growth of Muslim population in India, the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD, the year Mahmud Ghazni invaded India and 1525 AD, a year before the battle of Panipat.

One can safely add another 20 million Hindus to this list to account for the number that were killed during the Mughal rule or the rule of the Muslim rulers in the Deccan plateau. By all known accounts of world history, as pointed out by Koenard Elst in his book the Negationism in India, destruction of about 100 million hindus is perhaps the biggest holocaust in the whole world history.

Europe never forgot or forgave the atrocities of the Nazi rule under Hitler. We hardly come across any positive reference to either Hitler or his army in the present day text books on European History. No one talks there of the qualities of Hitler as a great commander or an inspiring leader of German people whom he could mould and influence with his hypnotic speeches. No films are made showing Hitler as a romantic hero singing songs and his mistress as a heroine shedding copious tears over her lover!

The European consciousness is filled with the evil deeds perpetrated by his regime, thanks to the untiring work of their politicians, journalists, historians and film producers, so much so that the very thought of seeing any virtue in either Hitler or Nazis is abhorrent to the consciousness of the present day Europeans.

Europe and America produced at least a few thousand films highlighting the human misery caused by Hitler and his army. The films expose the horrors of Nazi regime and reinforce the beliefs and attitude of the present day generation towards the evils of the Nazi dictatorship.

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