Monday, February 06, 2006

"The truth plus taxes"

I earlier promised to do a round-up of the lies the Danish moslems have been selling their "offendedness" on in the Middle East. Turns out, Ekstra Bladet kame first, so why do it myself?:

Imam Abu Laban and his spokesmen in The Islamic Belief Society have a quite loose attitude towards truth.

Lie no. 1

Abu Laban and other representatives from The Islamic Belief Society have in countless instances claimed, that 29 official moslem organisations are behind the protests against Jyllands-Postens famous drawings. As revealed in Ekstra Bladet that is not true. Several of the organisations do not exist, and others have not been asked, before they were included in the list. In several instances spokesmen and organisation have been included in the list, even though they are direct opponents of Abu Labans actions.

Lie no. 2

Abu Labans right-hand man, spokesman Kasem Ahmad, claims in several official appearances, that the 29 moslem organisations behind the protest represent between 150.000 and 200.000 moslems. The number is never corrected by Abu Laban, although the inflated numbers are cited in national media.

As revealed in Ekstra Bladet the moslem organisations at the most represent 15.000 and probably just 5.000 moslems. Many of them are by the way children down to the age of seven, who Abu Laban has counted in without blinking. When we confronted Abu Laban with this lie, he says that we should just view the statements as "the truth plus taxes"...

Lie no. 3

On the behalf of The Islamic Belief Society and other moslem organisation, a delegation of imams and islamic spokesmen go to the Middle East to show around Jyllands-Postens famous prophet-drawings to win support for their protests.

As Ekstra Bladet revealet, the moslem delegation also brought along three drawings that had never been published in Jyllands-Posten. They show the prophet Mohammed depicted as a pedophile and equipped with a pigĀ“s snout, and there also is a picture of a praying moslem man who is raped anally by a dog. The extremely rude pictures are shown to moslem leaders on the highest level, and in international media they have been paraded as examples of the drawings from Jyllands-Posten ....

Lie no. 5

Tuesday Abu Laban was interviewed by the arab tv-station Al-Jazeera about the Middle-Eastern boycot of Denmark. To 50 million people in the moslem world, Abu Laban says, that he is habby about the boycot of Denmark. But to TV2 (Danish TV station - Henrik) he says, that he will urge the arab world to stop the boycot. It is hard to tell exactly what Abu Laban really thinks. Maybe he just thinks what sounds the best for the occasion at hand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Danish government should take this to the UN and demand an apology from those resposonsible for causing millions of dollars worth of damage to your embassies across the world. Not to mention the huge economic impact on Denmark and the poor cartoonists who were only doing their job.

The duplicity of the people responsible must be exposed and held accountable before the world.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Mike H. said...

Do we still think that the UN is an effective institution? It seems that a lot of cherished viewpoints are being demolished in this current 'row'. Apologies from these folks are only worth the price of the air that they're spoken into.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mike. I only said that since Norway is on record as demanding compensation for the damage to their embassy in Syria. Syria said they regretted the damage done, so who knows? Too bad they don't put that headline in the papers.

Norway will demand compensation from Syria

5:56 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

No. 4 was that The Islamic Belief Society had brought the case before the State Prosecutor, who told them the drawings did not break the blasphemy law.

The Islamic Belief Society then said, that they were bringing the case before the Advocate of the Realm. Ekstra Bladet asked, but the Advocate of the Realm said he had heard nothing.

Since Ekstra-Bladet published the article I cite, it emerged that at least now, The Islamic Belief Society HAS brought the case before him.

Thus, its no longer a lie.


11:08 PM  

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