Sunday, March 12, 2006

Concentrated idiocy - and proof that "Danish moslems" are not that Danish

Large parts of the Danish industrial and agricultural elite have utterly disgraced themselve following the moslem boycot of Danish goods. For quite a few of them, prophet has seemed to rhyme with profits, and they have only been too happy to rip into PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen for his handling of the entire affair.

Others are merely blind, and refuse to see that this crisis is a confrontation between two civilizations. Peter Gæmelke, president of the Agricultural Council, is one of them. From TV2 (under the headline "Happy moslems wanted", no less):

Happy Danish moslems have to enter the playing field to tell their co-believers in moslem countries, that they like living in Denmark. So thinks president of the Agricultural Council, Peter Gæmelke.

Gæmelke hopes for a diplomatic solution to the Mohammed-crisis soon.

But alongside the work of the government and foreign ministry, there is a need for the 95 per cent of the moslems of Denmark who according to Peter Gæmelkes estimate are happy to be here, to say so so loudly it can be heard in the Middle East.

The very same day that Gæmelke dreamt up these 95 per cent, a new oppinion poll among "Danish" moslems was released totally destroying it:

The poll also shows, that 11 per cent fully understand (Danish meaning connotes sympathy for - Henrik) the flag burnings, embassy-destructions and boycots. And that only two per cent in the current situation see themselves as Danes, while 53% see themselves more as moslems.


The above-linked story has been updated with reactions from a number of politicians. Minister for Integration, Rikke Hvilshøj:

- Those who fully understand the actions in the Middle East might consider, whether Denmark is the right place for them to live in, says Rikke Hvilshøj.

The leader of the Socialist People´s Party cant understand, that religion trumps everything to some people, and that his favorite victim group doesnt feature all the right views:

- Many refugees and immigrants have come to Denmark, because they have been squeezed out of religious regimes like Iran or secular regimes like the Iraqi. I find it completely incomprehensible, that freedom of speech doesnt mean more to them, he says.


Blogger Henrik said...

Swedish-Danish dairy giant Arla says they have lost ab. 400 million crowns, which is about 50-65m $. Individual dairy farmers are said to lose ab. 3-4.000$ on average because of lowered milk prices.

They so far have said nothing about any affects of the Buy Danish campaign.


11:16 PM  
Blogger Andrew Ian Dodge said...

France possibly.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Latin America, as I understand it. The leftos taking over that continent have a real love-fest with the moslem world. Visti fex the Latin-Moslem summit held last year.

They also have a history of acculturation. Both Colombia and Argentina have had arab presidents. El Salvador has had two, and Equador three.


6:35 AM  
Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

Henrik, we buy Danish now whenever possible. I'm sure we are not alone. I hope that Danish firms notice a rise in demand from the U.S.A.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I too am trying to buy Danish products whenever possible. Even more so since those wimps at TESCO dropped Danish Salami.

7:08 AM  
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