Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lies at the Christian Science Monitor, part II

I earlier blogged the weird story about Jason Brandon aka Andrew Nassim, and how he lied his way through an article on moslems in Denmark, trying to paint the Danish People´s Party as nazis. In case you didnt catch that, I took exception to the following snippet:

The party's provocative slogan "Dit Land, Dit Valg" (One land, one people) for many people conjures up unwelcome reminders of Denmark's ambiguous role in the Nazi occupation.

"A growing number of people see being a Dane and being a Muslim as incompatible," says Moller, adding that the Danish Peoples' Party, the country's third largest, is behind controversial government attempts to stabilize Denmark's growing Muslim community at no more than 10 percent of the total 5.5 million population. Right now, Muslims make up nearly 4 percent of the population.

In an email, I pointed out to them that both sections in bold above were ouright lies.

1) In the first case, "Dit Land, Dit Valg" means "Your Country, Your Choice", not "One Land, one people".

2) In the second, not only is there no such plan, when reached by me by phone, Moller denied having said any such thing.

While the Christian Science Monitor apparently didnt find me worthy of a reply, two visitors to Viking Observer made the cut and got replies to their complaints. It acknowledges the manipulative "translation" of the slogan (still retaining the nazi association-trick, though) and acknowledges Moller never said anything about a 10% cap. It hasnt changed the attribution, though, and it still sticks with its story about a cap, saying it..

.. should have been credited to a government report: "Population Development 2001-2021' issued in 2002 by the "Think Tank on Integration in Denmark" which is part of the Danish Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs.

The problem is, that the report says absolute nothing about any cap on moslems. In fact, it mentions neither caps nor moslems at all, since its a simple population prognosis for Denmark, based on Danish statistics. If moslems were to figure there, it would be illegal, too, since the state is barred from registering people by their faith.

I wonder what explanation the Christian Science Monitor comes up with this time.

You can read the report in Danish here, and the English abstract here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't you know the creative writing classes in college are filled with journalism majors?(sarcasm) The MSM has been fabricating "truth" for years. Since the explosion of the blogosphere they are finally being caught in their not-so-subtle tricks and are held accountable for the fiction they write. You have an excellent blog--keep up the great work!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

I love it that you guys are challenging the passivity Danes have had towards their media. It's about time you wake up the sleeping masses to what's going on.

I'm trying to get my husband to read it (Dane) and have sent your site to other Danes as well. It may take Danes blogging in English to get their attention.

Great blog. Say, were any of you guys part of the group who cheered for President Bush when he visited in June? That was so excellent to see foreigners doing something besides burning the American flag and calling for the destruction of Israel. Hehe. ;-)

12:32 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Hi Renwaa

Indeed, some of us were at the pro-US demo. Its not as if we were that many people, but then the media also boycotted us up until the very day we pulled it off.

What made me laugh back then was, that the anti´s always like to see themselves as the davids in the david-vs-goliath fight. And that at the same time as they outspent us 100 to 1. They were 15+ organisations with 40 years of experience pulling off demonstrations, we were four guys, who had gotten together a couple weeks before.

The most interesting bit was the activist part, though. I cant forget the ugly stares I got when passing out pro-US fliers at one of the gathering places of the anti-american demonstrators. Apparently the antis dont like being told that the US has quadrupled aid for Sub-Saharan AFrica during Bush´s term, fex.

One of us was assaulted during an interview session, too.


6:10 AM  

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