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Culture, religion or merely because of immigrant status?

The last couple years, much has been made of moslem immigrants in Denmark having a lower employment rate than Danes, or for that matter any number of other groups in the immigrant population. A number of theories have come up trying to explain this, from the less-than-charitable ("they´d rather mooch off of our taxes") to the more graceful. One of the latter set is, that the simple fact that many of them are refugees means that many of them are incapable of holding down a job.

Fair enough. The theory has to be put to a test though. Preferably against a country without a lot of moslem immigrants, but with groups of various other religions in it large enough to have the comparison make sense. From the 2001 Indian census (Im throwing literacy in just for fun):

Literacy rate:
  1. Jains: 94,1%
  2. Christians: 80,3%
  3. Buddhists: 72,7%
  4. Sikhs: 69,4%
  5. Hindus: 65,1%
  6. Moslems: 59,1%

Work participation rate:
  1. Buddhists: 40,6%
  2. Hindus: 40,4%
  3. Christians: 39,7%
  4. Sikhs: 37,7%
  5. Jains: 32,9%
  6. Moslems: 31,3%

Some might argue, that the civil war islamist fundamentalists are running in Jammu and Kashmir is to blame, but given that less than 1 in 20 moslem indians live there, we can safely dispense with that excuse.

So, even in a nation in which they have been present for more than a millenium, they still end up at the bottom. Somebody aught to look into just why that is.



Blogger Snouck said...

Shocking! Hindus are such racists! And they venerate the Swastika too. Poor Muselman! Allah Karim!

Seriously, Islam teaches the faithful that the way to riches is robbing other groups and gaining dhimmi taxes and war booty. Labour is not appreciated as a way of gaining an income. The problem for Muslims is of course that it does not work anymore once a county becomes majority Muslim. Then they have to stand on their own feet or become vampires sucking from vampires.


4:14 AM  
Blogger eyesallaround said...

Great post! I picked up your link from Snouck's blog:) I'll be back!

7:04 AM  
Blogger ik said...

Actually the reality is even worse

1. The Muslims were the ruling elite in India for hundreds of years. The Hindus retreated to the vilages/small towns. All our universities were destroyed completely and all the books were burned.
2. After the British came they ruled by favoring the Muslim minority (just like the Sunni minority in Iraq)
3. The Indian government run by dhimmis openly takes money raised in Hindu temples and uses it to fund Muslim mosques and Madrassas. Any Hindu temple which gets lots of money from pilgrims is "nationalised" and taken over by the government. No Muslim/Christian institution has ever been taken over by the government. Historically the temples used to be centers of education and cultural excellence (music/dance/painting)
Here is an article that points this out

4.The first Prime Minister of India in 1947 Jawarhal Nehru was a communist in his heart and he deliberately wrote up Article 30 in the Indian Constituion just to screw the Hindus
Article 30(1)
According to its current interpretation by the courts, the state must financially support schools run by minority religious groups but not those by the majority religious groups.

5. Article 29 which protects the minorities' right to establish and administer educational institutions is not available to the majority. Thus it was that the Ramakrishna Mission (a Hindu group) sought and got recognition from the state High Court as a non-Hindu minority! (This was the only way in which they could legally run schools) - Compare this with the situation in the West where the Churches run schools with money raised from attendees (?)

Because of points 4 and 5 above different Hindu sects keep trying to get themselves legally classified as minorities.

So the Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs/Jains have the entire system stacked against them and still they rise to the top

Despite his the Muslims end up at the bottom of the heap.

Also in India everybody (Hindus/Muslims/Christians/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jains) are the SAME RACE (of course some of the Muslims have fantasies of being descended from Arabs)

And now the icing on the cake by the present government

UPA’s plan for minorities: we will fix govt spending as per their population share

A very large percentage of the underworld is also run by Muslims - so there you have it public charity or extortion.

So it is RELIGION and CULTURE (at least as far as India is concerned)

PS-By the way you should also look at the population growth rates mentioned in the census for the different religions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So, even in a nation in which they have been present for more than a millenium, they still end up at the bottom. Somebody aught to look into just why that is."
One guess is that half of their population (women) aren't allowed to be educated, thus the lower literacy rate. Another guess is that Scandinavian countries provide no incentive for them to work. Why work when you can receive the largesse of your host country for doing absolutely nothing?

Your post was outstanding & educational. You should consider creating your own blog. You have a perspective/information that aren't readily available to most Westerners.

1:25 PM  
Blogger ik said...

Heather - Thanks for your kind words but the problem is the lack of time.

maybe you know this but you can see my past comments on fjordman/gatesofvienna by using this query on google (with double quote)

"ik said"

I will also try to put comments on Jihadwatch /lgf(if I ever manage to register) now and then

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Blogger ik said...

Here is an article which has more proof of what I wrote earlier

Does Article 30 violate Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

10:37 PM  

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