Sunday, December 04, 2005

DPP politician speaks his mind

From Jyllands-Posten:

Frevert's replacement: Islam is terror

The Danish People's Party's new spokesman on education affairs describes Islam as a terrorist movement A few days after the Danish People's Party (DF) punished its Copenhagen mayoral candidate for publishing racist remarks on her website, removing her from the post as the party spokesman on educational affairs, her successor went ahead and described the Muslim religion as a terrorist movement.

Defeated mayoral candidate Louise Frevert's website compared Muslims with cancer tumours in Danish society, causing a public outrage. Though she blamed the statement on her website editor, DF sanctioned her by removing her from a number of spokesman posts in parliament, including the one on educational policies.

Daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende, however, reported that new spokesman Martin Henriksen's website was no more positive towards Muslims than his predecessor's.

'From its beginning, Islam has been a terrorist movement,' Henriksen stated on his website, warning against letting Muslims run for office in parliament and municipal councils.

'It's well known that Islam is lying low, well-knowing that no Islamic group or state has the military power it takes to conquer us. The goal we know, the method is to quietly take over and infiltrate our democratic institutions,' Henriksen said on his website.

Danish converts to Islam get their share of the blame as 'moral criminals'.

'These young Danes, who turn their backs on their heritage and thereby all of us, are committing an indescribable moral crime,' the website stated.

The website was discussed in a DF parliamentary group meeting on Thursday, where Henriksen said he had received full backing from his fellow party members.

'It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that an MP from the Danish People's Party is critical of Islam. It's a part of the party's policy, so I'm not removing anything from my website,' Henriksen told national broadcaster DR.

Now, being a politician, he did change something in his website, of course. He exchanged "terrorist movement" for "ideology of conquest" (source: Jyllandsposten).


Darwiniangirl requested I post links to the two webpages mentioned above. Here they are:

Louise Freverts homepage

Martin Henriksens homepage

I havent been able to find neither "terrorist movement" nor "ideology of conquest" in Martin Henriksens site, though.



Blogger darwiniangirl said...

Hi Henrik,

Can you post links to the two member websites that you mentioned? Thank you.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Sure, but keep in mind that they are in Danish.


11:08 PM  
Blogger New Yorker said...

Many in America support the brave Danish politicians and people for their stand against the Islamic Invasion of Europe.

Bravo to tiny Denmark which has the guts to fight back and persevere freedom and the European way of life when much larger countries sit back and watch their cities burn.

If Europe is save it will be said that it started with Denmark.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Louise Frevert's comments sound a lot like the Swedish pastor, Ake Green. He went through a two year ordeal after being accused of hate crime for a sermon against homosexuality. Does Denmark have similar laws against "hate speech"?

BTW-The pastor was finally acquitted.

Martin Henriksen is very astute to realize that Muslims shouldn't be allowed to gain political power in Denmark.

It does seem odd that a woman is punished for saying something a man can say, but in a different way. Henriksen later changed the wording quite a bit, Frevert should've had the same opportunity to do so. Perhaps the government is worried about lawsuits?

8:34 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Denmark has laws much like the ones Sweden has. Frevert has said nothing about homosexuals, though - shes a lesbian herself.

As to the things she´s said to have written, I just dont know. The scandal was about both some parts of a book she had published with "her" views and a series of supposed oppinion letters that appeared on her website.

As the story goes, both were written by a friend (alternatively an acquaintance) she employed as her webmaster, and she just didnt read through what he put out in her name. That is Freverts version.

The other version is, that Frevert wrote it and he took the fall.

So far, Frevert got off easy with losing a post as spokesman (the one Henriksen took over), while the guy (whose name escapes me) is being prosecuted for racist remarks.

As to Henriksens remarks, I cant say for sure, but would guess that the difference is that Freverts remarks were about muslims, while Henriksens were about islam.

One is a group of people, the other an ideology.

Might get him off easy.


12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I meant it was similar because it was considered "hate speech". In any case, it appears that things aren't very fair to Frevert's webmaster in this instance.

3:21 PM  

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