Friday, November 25, 2005

Fanatical pupils

From the paper B.T (my translation):

The boys seem brainwashed by extreme islamic positions, that they dont stop for a moment expressing in class. Several teachers, that B.T. has spoken to, are directly shocked and appalled over the tone coming from some of the very aggressive students.

Some of them have been to koran schools, and according to teachers that is also where they have their extreme positions from. ..

- Saddam Hussein and moslems, who cut the throats of American soldiers are heroes

- Pia Kjærsgaard (Danish People´s Party chairman) will get killed, if she becomes prime minister, are messages from the children, when substitute teacher Martin Leider Olsen teaches at the school.

- I was very schocked by that. And I tried taking the discussion about just how disgusting a guy Saddam Hussein actually was. But it just bounced off them as water from a goose. They are not willing to compromise or hear other people´s arguments. They have a one-sided idea about everything being the west´s fault, says Martin Leider Olsen. ..

- The Danish pupils were surprised, and they didnt say that much. It has something to do with the way they discuss. They yell and scream, and it is as if he that yells the highest is right.

They dont listen to arguments, but have a rock-solid faith in, that what they say is the truth, he says.

The radical views according to Martin Leider Olsen stem from arab satellite tv channels that the children watch at home, and not the least from the koranic schools. ..

Head teacher Gitte Kongstad has had the same sort of problems at Sønderbro Elementary. In a conversation between two moslem boys, she heard one say to the other:
- I will kill my classmates, if Allah says so. I will also kill my dad, if Allah thinks, I have to do it. When she asked where such views stem from, the boys said that they had learnt it in koranic schools. ..

- The children are only at school five-six hours a day, and the rest of the time they roam where there are only immigrants. Satellite dishes are running all the time on the arab stations.

That means they get very little input from Danes. They live in a parallel society, where they confirm each others in the role of victims, where Danes in all possible ways are horrible.



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