Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Foul play suspected in "ethnic women´s" disappearance

I dont care much about the phrase "ethnic women", given that women arent an ethnicity, but the phrase appeared in the original article I quote, and it gives me an opportunity to address this: the Danish establishment is bending over backwards to avoid calling them moslem immigrants. Over the last couple years, we have been through "New Danes", "Ethnic" people (to the extent where "Ethnic Danes" means everybody else but those of Danish ethnicity), "Two-languaged", people of "Immigrant background" and a host of other phrases. The one our politicians currently seem to like the most is the original one: "Refugees/Immigrants". It doesnt matter that they never think about the Americans, Norwegians and Swedish immigrants when talking about the group.

Anyway: From

Every year, young women with immigrant backgrounds disappear without a trace in Denmark. Authorities should investigate their fate, immigration consultants say

Police are currently investigating whether the disappearances of two young women with immigrant backgrounds can be explained as honour slayings, fearing that their relatives killed them to protect the family's honour.

The two girls, however, are not the only ones to disappear without a trace. Immigration experts say many immigrants and asylum seekers disappear every year from Denmark, but police only launch an investigation if they have concrete reason to suspect a crime.

Copenhagen integration consultant Manu Sareen said he came across at least three cases of girls disappearing every year, and that Danish authorities had no idea about their fate. Sareen said that although in most cases there was no reason to fear an honour slaying, authorities should check whether the girls had been sent out of the country against their will. ..

Bent Wigotski, Denmark's ambassador in Pakistan, said he was in contact with at least four girls with Danish citizenship every year, who were being kept in Pakistan against their will. He said that in most cases, the embassy did not receive word that the girls had gone missing.

'When we get into contact with the girls, they have been away from schools, towns, or institutions for months. And I'm often surprised that we don't receive word from their local authorities in Denmark,' Wigotski said.

He said that news of a missing girl usually came through concerned friends or a boyfriend.

The Danish embassy in Pakistan has been able to assist every Danish citizen in need. If girls are Pakistani citizens, however, helping them back to Denmark can prove a difficult task.

Awareness of honour slayings and other crimes against young immigrant women was raised in September, when an 18-year-old Pakistani girl named Ghazala Abbas was murdered in broad daylight by her older brother a day after she married a young Afghani man, whom her family did not approve of.

Many of the girl's relatives have been arrested for ordering, planning, and assisting in her slaying in order to protect the family's honour.



Blogger reliapundit said...

i blogged on this phenoimena a while back - i attributed demographic data (which shows that muslim countries have vastly higher numbers of men versus women than non-muslim countires, which have balance) - to rampant honor killings of females by fam,ily mem - murders which go largely unreported.

link here:

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Blogger reliapundit said...

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Blogger Henrik said...

Its not just moslem countries. India and China has the same pattern, too. The Chinese even have a name for the spare males: "Bare branches".

Apparently, large numbers of "bare branches" are a sure sign of coming civil upheaval.


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