Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cyber-attack finding more targets

According to Jyllands-Posten tuesday, the cyber-offensive against Danish targets seems to have found new targets. Since monday, no reports of blogs or news websites going down have been reported. Instead, the hackers seem to have switched to attacking normal websites, defacing them and leaving statements in arabic, turkish, english, and in a few instances danish:

"We Will Kill All Domaine .DK Because It's a great shame, indeed, for any person to ridicule the savior of the humanity", writes the hacker Dr.E-vil on amongst others the homepage for Rockværket (the Rock (as in music) Yard) in Frederikssund.

And on the homepage for the youth centre Vestskoven (The Western Wood) in AlbertslundOg på hjemmesiden for fritidscentret Vestskoven i Albertslund, it read as follows yesterday:

"FOR ISLAM. Our war will continue against the ones who are against the real religion Islam.Hak din Ýslam«, written by a hacker with knowledge of both english, turkish and danish.


According to this story, the number of Danish websites defaced in the above way is at 209 since last thursday. Late monday, it was at 74.


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Time to oil up the equipment and make sure that the consumables are fresh.

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