Monday, November 21, 2005

Highschool friday prayers promoting islamic radicalism

The following is from Berlingske Tidende (my translation):

They had received permission to pray in the basement. A quiet prayer in the midday break. But at Vestre Borgerdyd Highschool the permission for conducting friday prayers for a group of moslem students - among them a student now charged with terrorism - has run amuck. The prayer has just been stopped after a sermon conducted by imam Abu Labans 17-year-old son.

On the basement-rooms floor tiles between the lockers the girls lie at the back on their blankets. The boys are in front. The 30-40 faces are turned towards Mekka and towards a young man, who stands at the end of the room, conducting the sermon. He speaks to them. Speaks about how you are a good moslem. About not to believe the Danish government and the teachers at the high school. About it being a good idea to show up at the annual meeting of the radical moslem movement Hizb ut-Tahrir to days later in the Nørrebro sports arena.

That is how it transpires in the midday break, according to Berlingske Tidendes sources, on Vestre Borgerdyd hisghschool friday last week. The student who lead the prayer, is 17 years old and son of the influential imam of Copenhagen Ahmed Abu Laban. What started as a quiet prayer in the basement has, lead by Abu Labans son, over the last year evolved into a joint friday prayer spiced with radical views, that moderate moslems on the school feel insulted by.

"I think they are very extreme, they dont treat other moslems nice," as one of the girls from the school puts it.

But this day in the basement, a student is missing among the praying highschool students. We will call him EH. He used to take part in the prayer if he could find the time, but this friday something has come in the way. The simple explanation is, that he is in investigative custody for the second week running, charged with planning a terror attack. EH is one of seven young moslems, that Glostrup Police have charged for, together with four others in Bosnia, to plan for a terror attack somewhere in Europe that was "close by". An attack that maybe should have taken place in Denmark, but that according to yesterdays issue of the Bosnian paper Dnevni Avaz was to hit the US embassy in Sarajevo. ..

The story about EH, Abu Laban´s sons speeches and the friday prayers on Vestre Borgerdyd is apparently the story about a gesture towards the moslem students of the high school, that has run amuck. Moderate moslems and other student at the school feel threatened by the group attending the friday prayers, and several teachers were uncomfortable about, that a so extensive religious and political session with up to 40 students every friday had received permission to - with the principal´s permission - to find a place on the schools property: A corner to pray in for the individual has been expanded to a friday prayer for the many, filled with political agitation and fundamentalist views.

After the friday prayers last week, the joint prayers were forbidden, and the young Abu Laban has received a warning that he will be epelled if he performs religious speeches again. And his father, imam Ahmed Abu Laban, has been called in for a PTA meeting with principal Anne-Birgitte Rasmussen´s office next tuesday. ..

The old Abu Laban comments:

"I dont know, what they talk about out there (at the school - Henrik), but sometimes he (the son) asks me about quotes from the koran and the sunna. I believe in islam and freedom of speech, and I give my children much freedom. That is why I dont get into what he talks about - I am just helping him, if he is in doubt about the interpetration," says Ahmed Abu Laban.

I might throw in, that the name of the high school - Vestre Borgerdyd - means "Western Citizens Virtue". Apparently that includes promoting radical moslem organisations now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are two ways to look at this story. Hate speech and terrorist activity should not be tolerated in any high school.

However, one of the boys who attended the meetings was identified as a potential terrorist. It seems better to catch them at this point, before they've had a chance to hurt anyone.

I hope they are watching the imam and will deport him, since he seems to be the crux of the problem.

10:13 AM  

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