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Imams caught lying in Denmark

As Renwaa has pointed out in the comments, the Danish press is currently running the story of how there are moves underway to expel some of the imams that have basically been lying their pants off to bring about the current confrontation over the mohammed-drawings.

The whole case is too big for me to blog right now (maybe tomorrow, or saturday), but over the last couple weeks the imams in The Islamic Belief Society have been outed as liars who have not just made up pictures to show in the Middle East since the original drawings werent "offending" enough, but have also been shown to say one thing in the Danish press, but the direct opposite on al Jazeera. For that matter, their professed representation of 28 moslem organisations in Denmark has also been picked apart by tabloid Ekstra-Bladet, that revealed that not only were two organisations in the list twice, but 5 other organisations either didnt exist, or had never been contacted to give their consent to be included.

More tomorrow, maybe, with links.


With the consent of the Liberals and Conservatives, the Danish Peoples´Party´s suggestion to see if non-citizen imams who have brought the Mohammed Affair to a boil cant be kicked out of the country looks set to go ahead. More tomorrow.


Blogger Renwaa said...

Hey, they learned the "doubletalk" from the master himself.

Yasser Arafat (mhril).

(may he rot in hell)

2:59 PM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

Oops! Mispelled on my "mhrih". Hehe

3:01 PM  
Blogger Fed Up Arab said...

That's a good one!
Renwaa, you are great! I didn’t notice when I wrote that you have mentioned the link as well ( I have published the same link to the same story and I'm doing my best now looking through Arabic media to see those different cartoons; it's just disgusting how those Imams are always the ones leading "our" masses and pouring oil on fire - they enjoy it because it makes them stronger each time, and because they EXIST AND FUNCTION ON A BASIS OF HATRED, so they have to keep this basis alive and fertile, always.
Today I read a great piece in Arabic for a Syrian journalist says "What if the West boycotts us?" He criticizes this all boycott campaign thing and asks what will happen when/if the West boycotts us - we who produce almost nothing essential! Well, I so much agree with him and I'm enjoying watching how other European countries are joining Denmark, will Moslem countries boycott them all? NO, simply because they can't! I find it so satirical that those who are calling for the boycott are using PCs made by the "infidel" West, Cell phones, Internet, TVs, Satellites, etc etc...,all what I mentioned, plus a very long list is produced in "the West", so how could we boycott the west? The least thing that the west can do is to stop importing those crazy fanatics under the title "Human Rights", or even better: To kick out those who are already here in Europe. I hope I’ll live to see such a day because they are turning my life into hell, I swear!

I liked what that Syrian journalist wrote: "Maybe we'd be back to Dinosaurs’ era..."

Well, prepare yourselves Moslems for the Dinosaurs’ era, except that even dinosaurs won't stand living in the Middle East, had they existed again.

P.S. I am more than happy that I could take an active part in all this, Arabic is my native language after all. Besides the hate mail I got before after publishing on some Arabic forums; I also got some nice complements that just made my day - Thanks to all those great guys on,I am the one who should thank you, not the other way around. I guess you read this blog as well:)

Denmark: This is not your case only; this is every free-thinker’s case.
Viva freedom!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Mike H. said...

Some more cartoons that might show the attitude of the jihadis. Even in the US.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Lagwolf said...

I am glad to see they are keeping the pressure up in Denmark on the Imans. If Denmark has the courage to boot some of the foreign-born ones that will be a good example to the rest of Europe.

Does anyone else find it rather amusing that Islamists loons have finally been shown for what they are to a vast amount of people over a bunch of cartoons?

4:50 AM  
Blogger Georgia_Orwell said...

Henrik, how likely is this furore going to aid the Danish Peoples Party in the next election? Do you think they are getting more popular now?

5:42 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...


It depends very much on when the next election will be - there is a very good chance that this whole affair will die down before the next election is due in 3 years.

There was a poll conducted earlier this week, though, that showed the DPP as having the biggest support in 5 years - 14.5%


5:56 AM  
Blogger eyesallaround said...

No. A muslim lie? Taquiyya (or whatever the h**l they call it.

6:25 AM  
Blogger reliapundit said...

i had this story first in the blogosphere - 2/1/06:

A religious leader of an Islamic group in Copenhagen - Abu Laban - has been CAUGHT speaking with two tongues:

In the Danish media he is quoted as saying he is against the widespread boycott of danish goods in the middle east.

An hour later on Al Jizeera TV he says that he thinks it is a great thing that the arab nations and people defend islam through the boycott.

I guess this is the Imam's idea of free speech! Heh. Actually, this is an old Arab Muslim trick which Arafat and Abbas used all the time. It plays upon the "willing suspense of disbelief" of Left-wing doves and appeasers. Smart people donlt fall for this trick becasue smart people know how to tell when these folks are lying. HOW?! THEY'RE LIPS ARE MOVING! (Badabumbump!)

Links to the Danish coverage of this "holy-man's" outting - (in DANISH) - HERE AND HERE.

MORE: (1) Here's a link to backgrounder from DER SPEIGEL (in English) which shows Abu Laban was one of the origianl instigators of the boycott from the start. (2) Here's a link to and ISLAM ONLINE article (in English) in which Abu Laban claims he was against the boycott.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

here's hoping they stick them on a CIA "rendition flight" , with a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay.

we need to ship these people OUT of Europe before innocent people are killed.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

i have photos of Muslims protesting outside the Danish embassy in London today
posted here.

note their peace-loving messages on their placards.

spread those photos far and wide folks.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made my heart bleed. Do not misunderstand me, but i am so happy to read your eloborate comment. I am honestly moved by the incidents in Denmark relatively the "outrage" in the muslim world. Sometimes I despair of the fact that there doesn´t seem to be any ´prudent´ invidual among those protestors (cause what i can see and what i read about is -the mob).
Nobody one could give one ´s hand, that as a result i am scared to become "islamophobic" as well one day- which makes me sad. So much the better I read your posting that keeps my spirits up and giving me fresh heart.Thank you.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

Fedup: If Viking Observer doesn't mind me posting this, you should come and check out this site.

Your views/background/arabic skills would be of great interest there.

Henrik: The DK consulate here in Panama got death threats. He was apparantly on the phone with this psycho for 25 minutes trying to reason with him. Don't think it worked though. Tonight the hubby and the rest of the ex-pat Danes here are playing "Balut" (the dice game). I'm sure the topic will be about what's been going on back home.

7:44 PM  
Blogger WestOfTheMoon said...

Sounds reasonable to me.

4:06 AM  
Blogger Fed Up Arab said...

Hi everybody!
Thank you “Azul” for your words! It’s too difficult to swim against the current; though when you sleep at night you have internal peace and you know you are doing the right thing. I’ve kept my voice loud since I was living in the Middle East for most of my life; and that caused for me endless headache and I was always shunt, except by those who share with me the same view! Unfortunately, madness always has a louder voice; that will never make me shut up, though! Many young Middle Eastern youths share those views but fear prevents people form declaring them. I have experienced fear to the maximum so nothing scares me anymore (hopefully).
I was away because I spent a quiet day with my GF. We made it a totally Danish evening; sweets, bacon, cheese, beer, and lots of talks about the current situation. I’m not happy it’s escalating; though I know unless it reaches a non-return point nothing will change and madness will win again!
I’m deeply WOUNDED more than words can say; I’m deeply wounded because I no longer can understand anything. Logic no more helps to comprehend the situation; I wish I didn’t know Arabic and I weren’t able to read Arabic sites and forums. And when someone tries to shout against the masses; he’s silenced and called (as usual), “a Jewish agent” !!!!; “a defector”, “a traitor”; and of course AN INFIDEL! All of these terms have become real compliments to me and I enjoy hearing them more than I can describe.
Under the title “Human Rights” those fanatic freaks were once given refuge in Europe; under the same title they are not being deported or persecuted; under the same title they give interviews and provocative speeches; under the same title they have good living standards that they would have never dreamt of in their screwed-up countries, and under the same title they are not being deported! I no longer can understand this; how could one demonstrates and writes on a big placards “Free speech - go to hell” ??? If free speech will go to hell then those demonstrators will be SHOT and stepped on alive! Isn’t it crazy?

If the same demonstrations that are running every where in that sh**-hole; the Middle East, turned suddenly and became anti-government demonstration then not a single “spontaneous” demonstrator would return home in one piece, believe me!

Please Europe, don’t give up; please fight! Once Europe lived and survived through the witches-burning era, the Nazis era, the Soviet threat era, and developed into an oasis of free speech, and now Europe will survive the Islamists-trying-to-burn-Europe era, I still have confidence in that!

From Saudi Arabia, just for example, where people are using Western cars, mobiles, PCs, Internet, clothes, food, and even Western paper on which they print their hate, from there most of the hatred comes and those calls for the boycott!!! If ONLY the West boycotts us; then we would be back immediately to stone ages, where most of us actually deserve to be! I want to live to see that day when oil runs out and that part of the world has nothing more to offer (except terrorism and whabism) or to use for "bargaining"; I hope to live and see that day!

@Renwaa: Thank you very much; I know that site well:)

@Viking observer; Islamophobic; Viking smile, eyesallaround,ad other great bloggers: Thank you for this little, yet fascinating "islands" of free speech where one can escape from the mad sharks and breath some air!

Viva Freedom

10:36 AM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

Hey, Fedup:

Can you translate the caption on this cartoon at this site?

I'm assuming it's in arabic.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Fed Up Arab said...

Hey Renwaa,
Glad to help!
Yes, it is in Arabic! The first one is introducing himself saying, “your brother from Iraq”; the second one replies, “I’m your mate from Palestine”!
Pretty freaking cartoon; really annoying and disgusting!

How many hate cartoons I used to see, especially about Jewish people!!!!How much it hurts to hear the Islamic "logic" about free speech!!
I so much remember now when the Taliban burnt the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan years ago; not a single "spontaneous" demonstration went to the streets in the Islamic world! Buddhists, however, didn’t call for killing all Moslems neither did they burn buildings and embassies! God, how much I hate you Islam! God, how much I hate you and how much I’ve been showed the right way!
For any translation help just let me know; I’m more than glad to help!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

The Big Pharoh has some lively debate going on as well:

I've stocked up on lurpak butter and we already buy butter cookies and any other danish thing we can get our hands on. At this rate, we're going to get fat eating all this good food!

Now, where can I find some Pingvin TV Blandet???????????

@Fedup: Thanks for the translation! I wish I had the time to learn arabic because it is a very important skill to have these days. You should contact the US gov't for a job as a translater. I'm serious too. They'll probably pay you a fortune too since you're a native speaker too. Hehehe. Perhaps even work for the CIA? I've got a contact at the embassy in London. :-)

1:46 PM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

too too too. Have to watch overusing that next time (too)! Hehe.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Fed Up Arab said...

@ Renwaa: I have used a photo editor to manage to read the name of that "artist", it's "Naser Jafari" - a Jordanian!
Just do a Google image search and see what kind of cartoons this guy is specialized in!!!
For instance, this is his "art" about the current situation:
The page is in Arabic, however you'll be able to see the cartoon, the caption on the cartoon says "European Democracy"! The comments you see beneath are all praising his "talent"!
(This page include lots of his cartoons) If you click on the little pictures beneath titled (in Arabic) : Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Human Rights (no comment!!!), Arabic matters, and Local, you'll get dozens of his "peaceful" cartoons!
Like this one, for example, explaining why the hurricane took place in New Orleans!!! P.S. You know, the name of that town mentioned in the cartoon is located in east Iraq!

Have a look at this as well,
I know what a mess I have put myself in; I got once a message on Yahoo messenger after a long debate in a chat room telling me in Arabic "I won't last long" !! I hope I'll "last" enough to see that day when European ships will be shipping those bastards back home!
Long life freedom, long life Denmark! WE ARE ALL DANES

1:59 PM  
Blogger Renwaa said...

Fedup: Wow. I'm not surprised you get that kind of treatment. They are not interested in debating you, only in your submission.

And, since I see you're a reader of Little Green Footballs, you must have seen their recent posting:

"It's in the Koran!"

but I'll link you to the authors site:


Now I 'm going to read the info you provided about the Jordanian cartoonist. Thanks!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Fed Up Arab said...

@ renwaa! Actually Arabic, after all, is a very beautiful and rich language; I’m so sorry it has become associated (or assassinated maybe) with terrorism and extremism! Old Arabic poetry is total pleasure to read; of course this whole era of pre-Islam literature has been named “ignorance era” when Mohammed started his “peaceful” and ENLIGHTENING religion!!!
That old poetry is very thoughtful and well-written that it makes Qura’an looks like a normal book with language and expressions mostly stolen from that era! The Islamic myth that Qura’an is an unprecedented holy book sent from so-called Alahh is a total lie if one reads enough old Arabic poetry and literature! Not strange at all that Mohammed had used the term “Ignorance Era” to abolish all that era and its outcome!

About the translation issue: I’m sure the US government has enough translators these days:):)
I hope you are not serious about the C** thing and that it was a joke:):) I'd rather work for the UN or the Interpol, something with a better reputation:) Lol, you know what I mean:)

2:17 PM  
Blogger Fed Up Arab said...

This is just hilarious! Million thanks to you; this song will be playing alyways while I’m surfing the web!

2:32 PM  

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