Friday, December 02, 2005

More on Siddique and Khan

From the paper Weekendavisen (my translation):

The Siddique-family belong to the Malik clan, which has its base in the western part of the Punjab in Pakistan, and to the party Muslim League N, which is considered moderate. Wallait Khan belongs to the Gullar clan and the party Muslim League Q. This party is more fundamentalistic, and is part of the government in a border province close to Afghanistan, that has closed music shops and forbidden women to go outside alone. ..

The question that has plagued the Radicals is still, whether Wallait Khan in reality is a fundamentalist, or whether he first and foremost is an opportunist, who talks with one tongue in urdu to his countrymen, and with another in danish. Or whether he - as he says himself - just is a good democratic, pakistani immigrant.

If you look at one of the central persons supporting Khan during the election and the following negotiations over governing the capital, it isnt the democratic disposition that jumps in your face, though. When Wallait Khan arrived at Copenhagen Town Hall to sign the deal to govern together with the Social Democrats, Radicals and Socialist People´s Party, he was accompanied with the pakistani Raja Ghafoor, who has supported Khan during the election campaign. Sources in the pakistani community to Weekendavisen describe Raja Ghafoor as Khans "spin doctor"

He is the leader of an important pakistani radio station in Copenhagen, Radio Aap kiawaz, and also publishes the periodical Aap kiawaz. In an issue of the magazine, Ghafoor himself has explained, how "we" have helped with a donation drive in support of the now overthrown Taleban regime in Afghanistan.

We have to go back to February 2000, when the then talebani deputy foreign minister Abdul Rahman Sahig was on a five-day visit to Denmark. During this visit, which was part of a taleban roundtrip to several european countries to gather money, he was accompanied by the radio executive Ghafoor on his trips around Copenhagen, according to Weekendavisens sources.

On October 10th, 2001, TV-Avisen (Danish public television´s news show) aired a piece with a video of the visit of the deputy foreign minister´s visit to the mosque in Brønshøj, during which he made death threats against resident afghan refugees: "They have to be killed, for they are the root of all evil. They live as intellectuals, clean-shaven (...) We will cut their throats," said the taleban, and added about democracy: "This is a country of unbelievers, and they alsways defend other non-believers in the name of democracy and so-called reforms. They reject us of the taleban, and dont respect our human rights. In reality, they resist our work to institute sharia. We will not let them succeed."



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