Thursday, February 02, 2006

Imams caught lying in Denmark

As Renwaa has pointed out in the comments, the Danish press is currently running the story of how there are moves underway to expel some of the imams that have basically been lying their pants off to bring about the current confrontation over the mohammed-drawings.

The whole case is too big for me to blog right now (maybe tomorrow, or saturday), but over the last couple weeks the imams in The Islamic Belief Society have been outed as liars who have not just made up pictures to show in the Middle East since the original drawings werent "offending" enough, but have also been shown to say one thing in the Danish press, but the direct opposite on al Jazeera. For that matter, their professed representation of 28 moslem organisations in Denmark has also been picked apart by tabloid Ekstra-Bladet, that revealed that not only were two organisations in the list twice, but 5 other organisations either didnt exist, or had never been contacted to give their consent to be included.

More tomorrow, maybe, with links.


With the consent of the Liberals and Conservatives, the Danish Peoples´Party´s suggestion to see if non-citizen imams who have brought the Mohammed Affair to a boil cant be kicked out of the country looks set to go ahead. More tomorrow.


Blogger Mike H. said...

Some more cartoons that might show the attitude of the jihadis. Even in the US.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I am glad to see they are keeping the pressure up in Denmark on the Imans. If Denmark has the courage to boot some of the foreign-born ones that will be a good example to the rest of Europe.

Does anyone else find it rather amusing that Islamists loons have finally been shown for what they are to a vast amount of people over a bunch of cartoons?

4:50 AM  
Blogger Henrik said...


It depends very much on when the next election will be - there is a very good chance that this whole affair will die down before the next election is due in 3 years.

There was a poll conducted earlier this week, though, that showed the DPP as having the biggest support in 5 years - 14.5%


5:56 AM  
Blogger Reliapundit said...

i had this story first in the blogosphere - 2/1/06:

A religious leader of an Islamic group in Copenhagen - Abu Laban - has been CAUGHT speaking with two tongues:

In the Danish media he is quoted as saying he is against the widespread boycott of danish goods in the middle east.

An hour later on Al Jizeera TV he says that he thinks it is a great thing that the arab nations and people defend islam through the boycott.

I guess this is the Imam's idea of free speech! Heh. Actually, this is an old Arab Muslim trick which Arafat and Abbas used all the time. It plays upon the "willing suspense of disbelief" of Left-wing doves and appeasers. Smart people donlt fall for this trick becasue smart people know how to tell when these folks are lying. HOW?! THEY'RE LIPS ARE MOVING! (Badabumbump!)

Links to the Danish coverage of this "holy-man's" outting - (in DANISH) - HERE AND HERE.

MORE: (1) Here's a link to backgrounder from DER SPEIGEL (in English) which shows Abu Laban was one of the origianl instigators of the boycott from the start. (2) Here's a link to and ISLAM ONLINE article (in English) in which Abu Laban claims he was against the boycott.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made my heart bleed. Do not misunderstand me, but i am so happy to read your eloborate comment. I am honestly moved by the incidents in Denmark relatively the "outrage" in the muslim world. Sometimes I despair of the fact that there doesn´t seem to be any ´prudent´ invidual among those protestors (cause what i can see and what i read about is -the mob).
Nobody one could give one ´s hand, that as a result i am scared to become "islamophobic" as well one day- which makes me sad. So much the better I read your posting that keeps my spirits up and giving me fresh heart.Thank you.

7:14 PM  

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