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And on the occasion of Ashura, we have....

...a bit of entertainmend. Muslim rave party sensation :-)

Boycot Egypt!

Rantings of a sandmonkey has an interesting perspective on the boycot of Denmark over the Mohammed-drawings (hat tip: Renwaa). He found out that an Egyptian paper reprinted some of the drawings back in october. His suggestion?

Guess we will have to Boycott Egypt now as well, huh?

Now while the arab islamic population was going crazy over the outrage created by their government's media over these cartoons, their governments was benifitting from its people's distraction. The Saudi royal Family used it to distract its people from the outrage over the Hajj stampede. The Jordanian government used it to distract its people from their new minimum wage law demanded by their labor unions. The Syrian Government used it to create secterian division in Lebanon and change the focus on the Harriri murder. And, finally, the Egyptian government is using it to distract us while it passes through the new Judiciary reforms and Social Security Bill- which will cut over $300 million dollars in benefits to some of Egypt's poorest families. But, see, the people were not paying attention, because they were too busy defending the prophet by sending out millions of e-mails and SMS-messages, boycotting cheese and Lego and burning Butter and the danish Flag. Let's not even mention the idiots who went the usual route of "It's a jewish conspiracy", spouted the stupid argument about the Holocaust, or went on a diatribe with the old favorite "There is an organized campaign-headed by the west and the jews- to attack and discredit Islam, and we have to defend it". They proved, once again, that the arab world is retarded and deserves no better than its leaders.


Well put.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

...and now we know who the pig is...

By now, most people know of the "fake cartoons" the Danish imams used to incite anger in the ME during their tour there in December, 2005. Now Neander News has found out where one of them is from (hat tip: Mike H., comment no. 2):

Do these two photos look similiar?

They should because they are the same! No, not a satire of Mohammed nor any other sacred Islamic figure but a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise’s annual festival. NeanderNews discovered this photo, taken by
Bob Edme of AP, posted on an August 15, 2005 AP story seen here on MSNBC’s website.


Jyllands-Posten, like Neander News, ran with the story that the above person is Jacques Barrot. That is not true, though: Jacques Barrot is the French EU-commisioner. The real name is Jacques Marrot, a local mechanic.

Embassies in Iran, NATO camp in Afghanistan attacked

For a second day in a row, islamists have attacked the Danish embassy, trying to set in on fire with molotov cocktails. Kept at a distance by police, they only managed to hit a janitorial building, though. Later in the day, the Norwegian embassy was also hit. Though windows were smashed by stone-throwers, as with the Danish embassy, police managed to keep them at a distance so their molotov-kocktails didnt do any appreciable damage.

In Afghanistan, on the other hand, Norwegian NATO-forces have come under attack by armed demonstrators, with 4 of the latter shot dead when Afghan police opened fire:

Afghan police have shot and killed four of the protesters who attacked the Norwegian-led SAF-camp in Maimana in northwestern Afghanistan, according to an afghan security source.

Another 18 protesters have been wounded.

Six Norwegian soldiers have also been wounded in the clashes.

Two of the soldiers have been evacuated from the place, and have been brought to Mazar-i-Sharif, east of Maimana. The Norwegian armed forces announced in the afternoon that all six are lightly wounded. At least one of the Norwegian soldiers is mentioned as having been hit by shrapned from a hand grenade. ..

The protesters both fired guns and threw hand grenades and stones.

The dead protesters are said to have been killed when Afghan police shot into the crowds with sharp ammunition.

According to the Norwegian armed forces, the military forces in the camp used tear gas, rubber bullets and warning shots against the protesters. ..

The attack began this morning at 6.30 norwegian time (to my best knowledge, that is 10.00 Afghan time, or 5.30 GMT - Henrik). ..

The protesters forced their way through the first gate to the military base in Maimana in Afghanistan.

- An armed mob of 200-300 people partially managed to force their way into the ground. They tore down the gate and got into the font yard. There they opened fire and threw hand grenades at the Norwegian forces, says Diesen (head of the Norwegian armed forces - Henrik). ..

ISAF HQ in Kabul sent out fighter jets to support the Norwegian and Finnish soldiers in the base.

Two Netherlands fighter planes have fired warning shots at the protesters.

Several protesters are said to have fled when the planes began shooting. Also two American A-10-planes from the Enduring Freedom-operation overflew the area.

- This is very dramatic and serious. It is an attack on a NATO-camp in Afghanistan, says Knustad (

- Dette er veldig dramatisk og alvorlig. Det er et angrep på en NATO-leir i Afghanistan, sier Knustad.

Police: assault didnt happen

The assault reported by a hotdog vendor, which I mentioned here, has been investigated and deemed non-believable by the police:

It is the over-all impression of the police, that the assault hasnt taken place, says inspector Bent Isager-Nielsen. Now the public prosecutor has to decide, whether the hotdog vendor will be charged.

Monday, February 06, 2006

"The truth plus taxes"

I earlier promised to do a round-up of the lies the Danish moslems have been selling their "offendedness" on in the Middle East. Turns out, Ekstra Bladet kame first, so why do it myself?:

Imam Abu Laban and his spokesmen in The Islamic Belief Society have a quite loose attitude towards truth.

Lie no. 1

Abu Laban and other representatives from The Islamic Belief Society have in countless instances claimed, that 29 official moslem organisations are behind the protests against Jyllands-Postens famous drawings. As revealed in Ekstra Bladet that is not true. Several of the organisations do not exist, and others have not been asked, before they were included in the list. In several instances spokesmen and organisation have been included in the list, even though they are direct opponents of Abu Labans actions.

Lie no. 2

Abu Labans right-hand man, spokesman Kasem Ahmad, claims in several official appearances, that the 29 moslem organisations behind the protest represent between 150.000 and 200.000 moslems. The number is never corrected by Abu Laban, although the inflated numbers are cited in national media.

As revealed in Ekstra Bladet the moslem organisations at the most represent 15.000 and probably just 5.000 moslems. Many of them are by the way children down to the age of seven, who Abu Laban has counted in without blinking. When we confronted Abu Laban with this lie, he says that we should just view the statements as "the truth plus taxes"...

Lie no. 3

On the behalf of The Islamic Belief Society and other moslem organisation, a delegation of imams and islamic spokesmen go to the Middle East to show around Jyllands-Postens famous prophet-drawings to win support for their protests.

As Ekstra Bladet revealet, the moslem delegation also brought along three drawings that had never been published in Jyllands-Posten. They show the prophet Mohammed depicted as a pedophile and equipped with a pig´s snout, and there also is a picture of a praying moslem man who is raped anally by a dog. The extremely rude pictures are shown to moslem leaders on the highest level, and in international media they have been paraded as examples of the drawings from Jyllands-Posten ....

Lie no. 5

Tuesday Abu Laban was interviewed by the arab tv-station Al-Jazeera about the Middle-Eastern boycot of Denmark. To 50 million people in the moslem world, Abu Laban says, that he is habby about the boycot of Denmark. But to TV2 (Danish TV station - Henrik) he says, that he will urge the arab world to stop the boycot. It is hard to tell exactly what Abu Laban really thinks. Maybe he just thinks what sounds the best for the occasion at hand.

Austrian embassy attacked in Iran

From CNN:

A crowd of about 200 people pelted the Austrian Embassy in Tehran with petrol bombs and stones on Monday in a protest over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

The protesters, chanting "God is Greatest" and "Europe, Europe, shame on you," smashed all the diplomatic mission's windows with stones and then tried to hurl petrol bombs inside.

Austria currently holds the presidency of the European Union. Protesters also waved placards and shouted slogans against the EU's stance on Iran's nuclear program.

The bombs exploded in flames against metal grilles guarding the windows. But the building did not catch fire and the flames were quickly put out by police with fire extinguishers.

Keep pushing.

Islamic logic

Need I say more?


It has been brought to my attention that the above picture has been photoshopped and is NOT representative of reality. Thanks to Renate for pointing this out. There is nobody but me and a case of shoddy source-critique to blame for this. The actual picture can be seen here:

Not much better.

Link of the day


Sunday, February 05, 2006


Yesterday, an al Qaeda-aligned group in Iraq, the Islamic Army, threatened to kill any Danes they can and "chop them to pieces". In other Iraqi news, the Iraqi "resistance" continues to show that it doesnt really care about the Iraqi people:

A patrol of the 530 men strong Danish force near Basra in Iraq has been shot at by angry Iraqis, says The Operative Command of the Army in Karup.

The shooting happened, when the patrol was giving first aid to 10-15 children, that had been hit by a local truck.

The patrol fired warning shots, withdrew from the area and drove some of the injured children to a nearby hospital.


This one, from the Philadelphia Enquirer, is spot-on:


From DR:

20-year-old Mette Nielsen of Nyborg has been brought out of the city Ramallah on the West Bank along with a couple other Danes according to BT.

Mette Nielsen has been a peace guard in Ramallah for a week, taking part in protests against Israeli mistreatment of palestinians.

She has been pulled out of the West Bank, to safety in Israel - behind the Israeli soldiers the has been protesting for a week.

I doubt the irony dawns upon her.

Anti-christian riot in Lebanon

A bit more from the Bangkok Post:

Angry protestors started throwing stones at a nearby Christian Maronite church, breaking its windows and prompting the priest at the church to protest.

Lebanese Justice Minister Charles Rizk condemned the attack on the church, saying " this is an unacceptable act by the demonstrators. Christian churches have nothing to do with the issue of the cartoons."

The protestors also set ablaze two cars belonging to the police and civil defence. Police continued battling to disperse the angry demonstrators who were chanting "God is great, our prophet is great."

Demonstrators also broke the windows of cars and shops in the Christian neighbourhood of Ashrafieh. About twenty cars of residents of the area were damaged.

The clashes have caused panic in the streets of Christian areas and residents of the Ashrafiyeh area were angry at being targeted by the Muslim demonstrators.

"They broke my car for no reason ... we are against the cartoons that defamed Islam ... we (Christians) have nothing to do with it," said a Christian woman whose car windows were shattered.

"We call on the government to intervene immediately to protect the Christians in the Ashrafiyeh area," one woman shouted from her balcony.

Fearing a new civil war (the third since 1958), politicians were quick to "understand" and "explain" the riot:

Meanwhile, Lebanese Christian and Muslim leaders condemned the attacks and stressed that the demonstration was aimed at protesting the cartoons published in a Danish newspapers and not against the Christians in the eastern part of the capital.

Christian leader Samir Geagea called "on the people of Ashrafiyeh to be aware that the demonstration is not aimed at them."

Im sure that is a great consolation for them.


It is important to understand, that this is not a new development. Christian Lebanese have been fleeing from Moslem opression for generations, to the point where there are more of them abroad than in Lebanon. Especially Latin America took in many - Brazil alone contains three times more christians of Lebanese descent than there are Christians left in Lebanon. For the most well-known, think of fex. actress Salma Hayek and singer Shakira.

This just in

Turkish islmists are heading to the Danish embassy in Ankara in busses.

More soon.

Danish cosulate in Beirut, Lebanon is burning

From DR:

Angry and aggressive protesters run amok.Dannebrog (the Danish flag) was burned, car tires set alight and a sea of Hamas-people were wearing vests where the Danish flag was cut through by a drawing of a sabre.

Almost 20.000 protestors were according to news agencies on the street. For a long time they were held back about 200 metres from the consulate. About 2000 police and soldiers were out keeping an eye on the protesting throng. They broke through anyway and set fire to the consulate.

Just to make sure that we knew this is all about respect for religion, they added a neat little spectacle:

When the demonstration in front of the Danish consulate began dispersing several protestors continued on to the Christian quarter of Beirut - which is situated in the city´s commercial disctrict - once arrived, they began throwing rocks at a church.

Demonstrations, arrests and assaults in Denmark

Yesterday, as you probably all know, saw the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian embassies in Syria burned down by moslem fanatics. An attack on the French embassy failed.

Here in Denmark, the headlines were grabbed by the competing demonstrations over the Mohammed drawings and the accompanying islamic boycot. In Hillerød, the far rightwing organisation Danish Front had arranged a demo that, according to the police, drew some 25-30 protestors, among them the head of the Danish nazi party. As a result, everybody else stayed away, and the far counter-demonstration by leftist radicals and moslem immigrants in the same city had little to protest against.

Maybe because of that, they began bombarding the police with bricks. As Politiken puts it:

The tense atmosphere in the northern Zealand town increased, when a group of about 100 persons of immigrant background and activists from the left (ie: leftwing extremists - Henrik) threw bricks, branches and bottles at the police, who defended themselves with teargas and batons. At the same time, an elderly lady tried cooling down tempers by pouring water on the activists from her second-floor window.

Before that, moslems and rightwing radicals had clashed in Copenhagen´s central rail station, leading the police to intervene with batons. In all, the two clashes produces 162 arrests, 110 leftwing radicals and the rest mostly moslem immigrants.

Another moslem demonstration in Copenhagen drew about 150 protestors in the Townhall Square. As Politiken puts it:

The demonstration itself, against he mohamed-drawings on the Townhall Square saturday, developed peacefully, but lost some of the peacefulness, when a couple protestors recognized the controversial pakistani author and journalist Mohammad Rafiq.

Mohammad Rafiq wrote a book on forced marriages, and has been unwelcome in extreme moslem circles since then. Today he was in the Townhall Square taking pictures of the demonsration, when three second generation immigrants assaulted him and smashed his camera and cell phone.

Elsewhere in Denmark, a hot dog vendor was attacked by to turks between 18 and 20 years of age. Says Jyllands-Posten:

"Danish pig. You sell impure meat".

Allegedly, that is how the words were uttered, when a hotdog vendor in Frederiksberg (neighbourhood of Copenhagen - Henrik) was assaulted friday afternoon by two young men with foreign backgrounds, carrying a baseball bat.

Before that, the two men had asked the vendor for two pieces of bread, but when the vendor passed them over the counter, one grabbed his hands, while the other hammered the vendor´s hands with the bat, beating them bloody.

Elsewhere, the 12-year-old son of a moslem who has has asked for moderation was similarly assaulted by three foreign teenagers. The father has received several death threats.

Its in the Koran

A wee bit of blogging before its off to work on this beautyful, snow-covered Sunday.

To begin your sunday with a smile (or a horrified realization, depending on how much you have followed the news since, oh, 9-11), listen to this one:

Because its in the Koran

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Imams caught lying in Denmark

As Renwaa has pointed out in the comments, the Danish press is currently running the story of how there are moves underway to expel some of the imams that have basically been lying their pants off to bring about the current confrontation over the mohammed-drawings.

The whole case is too big for me to blog right now (maybe tomorrow, or saturday), but over the last couple weeks the imams in The Islamic Belief Society have been outed as liars who have not just made up pictures to show in the Middle East since the original drawings werent "offending" enough, but have also been shown to say one thing in the Danish press, but the direct opposite on al Jazeera. For that matter, their professed representation of 28 moslem organisations in Denmark has also been picked apart by tabloid Ekstra-Bladet, that revealed that not only were two organisations in the list twice, but 5 other organisations either didnt exist, or had never been contacted to give their consent to be included.

More tomorrow, maybe, with links.


With the consent of the Liberals and Conservatives, the Danish Peoples´Party´s suggestion to see if non-citizen imams who have brought the Mohammed Affair to a boil cant be kicked out of the country looks set to go ahead. More tomorrow.

Swedish moslems threaten boycot

After the paper of the Swedish immigration-sceptical party The Sweden Democrats decided to hold a competition for its readers over who could draw the best carricatures of Mohammed, the Swedish moslems have begun threatening to make the moslem countries boycot Sweden, too:

Mahmoud Aldebe, spokesman for Swedens moslem society, reacts harshly: - To portray our prophet is to offend our religion. I think freedom of speech is important, but that doesnt mean you can infringe other peoples freedom of religion, says Mahmoud Aldebe.

He has tried to have the Chancellor of Justice stop the publication (of the carricatures - Henrik)

If the Sweden-Democrats go through with publishing the carricatures, Aldebe says he will turn to the government.

If they cant protect us, we will seek the support of moslem countries and organisations. It will probably turn into a boycott like the one against Denmark.

Abd al Haqq Kielan, spokesman for the Swedish Islamic Society, doesnt threaten a boycott, but he looks with great seriousness on the publication of the carricatures of Mohammed.

In the Ku Klux Klan-like atmosphere that reigns in Denmark, it reminds of the propaganda in Nazi Germany. You cant act like this if you want to have good relations.

The good Mr Haqq Kielan is missing three key points:

1) KKK-like actions like the execution of those that "taint" the honor of their group seems to be done by moslems, not Danes.
2) The destruction of entire villages of non-believers (Taybeh in Palestine in September 2005, Sangla Hills in Pakistan in November 2005) is likewise somesthing moslems (and nazis), not Danes do.
3) While moslems (Arafats uncle, for example) supported and enabled Hitler and the Holocaust during WWII, the Danes saved their Jews. Indeed, not much seems to have changed: Hitler just got elected to the Palestinian parliament a week ago.

Cyber-attack finding more targets

According to Jyllands-Posten tuesday, the cyber-offensive against Danish targets seems to have found new targets. Since monday, no reports of blogs or news websites going down have been reported. Instead, the hackers seem to have switched to attacking normal websites, defacing them and leaving statements in arabic, turkish, english, and in a few instances danish:

"We Will Kill All Domaine .DK Because It's a great shame, indeed, for any person to ridicule the savior of the humanity", writes the hacker Dr.E-vil on amongst others the homepage for Rockværket (the Rock (as in music) Yard) in Frederikssund.

And on the homepage for the youth centre Vestskoven (The Western Wood) in AlbertslundOg på hjemmesiden for fritidscentret Vestskoven i Albertslund, it read as follows yesterday:

"FOR ISLAM. Our war will continue against the ones who are against the real religion Islam.Hak din Ýslam«, written by a hacker with knowledge of both english, turkish and danish.


According to this story, the number of Danish websites defaced in the above way is at 209 since last thursday. Late monday, it was at 74.

Mohammed spreads in the press...

I am sorry to have left you all in the middle of this, but real-life work takes up most of my time these days. But back to business.

Over the last two days, the islamist threat against freedom of speech has produced a wave of reactions across Europe, after an initial embarrassing silence. Papers in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Iceland have reprinted the drawings. Even a paper in the Middle East, in Jordan, has printed the drawings. The accompanying editorial read, in part:

Moslems of the world, be reasonable. ..What hurts islam more: these drawings, or pictures of a hostage tager who cuts the throat of his victim on camera, or a suicide bomber who blows himself up at a wedding in Amman?

It seems as if France is where things are happening, though. It started out with the French paper France Soir printing the Mohammed-drawings. The response soon came, when the papers´ owner, the French-Egyptian Raymond Lakah (right) fired the papers´ chief executive Jacques Lefranc, showing true dhimmitude as instilled by his family´s living 1400 years as dhimmies in Egypt (hes a coptic christian). Curisously enough, editor-in-chief Serge Faubert, who trumpeted it as striking a blow for freedom of speech, was left untouched. My guess: firing him would be too obvious a sign of kowtowing to extremists. As Faubert said in yesterday´s Jyllands-Posten:

You always have reason to fear for your life, but freedom of the press is an important thing to fight for. It is necessary to react, and I am proud of my paper and my editorial office. We have shown the flag for freedom of speech. .. This is a test case. Some people are trying to force upon western societies some rules and bans that we do not agree with. We have for two centuries since the revolution fought to make the French catholics accept, that we do not share all their views, and that it is allowed to make fun of them. Moslems have to learn that, too.

Speaking about the islamic profession of freedom of religion, he says:

The world has been turned upside down. No, we will never apologise for having the freedom to speak, to think and to believe.

After the firing of Mr. Leblanc, the political establishment in France also showed character. The French socialists (yes, thats right), condemned the firing, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the most likely candidate for the next presidential election in France, went to the press, condemning the calls for self-censorship.

The world waits to see whether the moslems want to boycot countries other than Denmark and Norway.